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Always Know When to Use Share vs. ShareReplay

June 24, 2022

Using share and shareReplay is pretty darn confusing. The way share and shareReplay work is not always obvious and might lead to unexpected behavior in your application.

How to Incrementally Migrate an Angular Project to TypeScript Strict Mode

June 22, 2022

Enabling strict mode for TypeScript is one of the best ways to ensure code quality on a project. It forces developers to handle edge cases and avoid risky type coercions. It also exposes hidden bugs.

Use GitHub Actions to Deploy Helm Charts to an EKS Cluster

June 21, 2022

You know how sometimes you create an Action just so every dev on earth doesn’t have to create their own automation? That’s how we wound up creating Deploy Helm to EKS.

Improve Your Web App Quality at Scale with Visual Regression Testing

June 15, 2022

"User interaction numbers are down." Most of the time when this happens, nothing is wrong. But we can't be certain without checking. So several developers blow up a day of work, affecting deadlines...

Run AWS Lambda and Node.js locally with docker-compose and LocalStack

June 9, 2022

AWS is an essential tool in many developers’ toolboxes, but using AWS in a development environment can be tricky. Developers who just want to write some code are often frustrated using the AWS...

The Best Product and UX Design Online Resources

June 3, 2022

The world of user experience and the product is always evolving which is why it’s essential to stay up-to-date on the latest conversations happening in the industry. No matter what phase you are at...

How to Improve Your Angular E-Commerce Application with Scully

May 20, 2022

Scully is a “Static Site Generator for Angular apps” that enables Angular apps to pre-render pages with dynamic content to improve performance metrics like First Contentful Paint (FCP), Time to...

Write Your First Temporal Workflow in TypeScript

May 3, 2022

If you’re looking for a good open-source framework to manage server state, Temporal Typescript SDK is a great one to try. If you’re not familiar with Temporal, here’s an excellent introduction video,...

How to Use AWS Secrets Manager in DevOps

April 29, 2022

When you provision and configure the infrastructure and software that forms an application, you’ll end up with data that needs to be securely stored for later use.  This data can range from the...

GraphQL & Apollo - An Intro For Angular Developers

April 26, 2022

Intro GraphQL is a popular alternative to REST APIs. GraphQL has the potential to simplify and optimize frontend code. In this blog post, we'll demonstrate how to query for data from a GraphQL...