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What’s New in RxJS 7: Small Bundles and Big Changes to share()

RxJS 7 has shipped! For us Angular developers, it unfortunately did not ship in time for Angular 12.

Manage Form-Driven State with ngrx-forms (Part 2)

This post is a continuation from Part 1, where we set up a test project with NgRx and ngrx-forms. For part 2, we will validate our form.

Manage Form-Driven State with ngrx-forms (Part 1)

If your Angular application already uses NgRx, you know the value of writing good reducers and using one-way data flow. However, that knowledge may not be enough to keep the biggest form in your app...

When to Use the Non-Null Assertion Operator in Angular

If you've recently made the switch to using Strict Mode for Angular, good job, you're on your way to writing better code and governing a more maintainable codebase! However, your team may encounter...

Angular Consulting at Bitovi

Psst, hey you! Are you looking for a place to grow your Angular skills by working on interesting projects with fabulous teammates?  At Bitovi we’re expert developer consultants that care about our...

Angular Upgrades: Painless Migration from TSLint to ESLint

Linting: the spell check of code. Once you have it, you can’t imagine how you ever lived without it. Useful for solo developers and large teams, linting keeps your code consistent and prevents bugs...

Building an Image Gallery with NgRx

Welcome to part two of my blog on NgRx! In Part One we solved common Angular state management problems using NgRx. In Part Two we’re getting hands-on by building stateful animated GIF gallery using...

Solving State Management Problems with NgRx

Building complex web applications is hard. Building complex web applications that you can still understand once you’ve built them is even harder.

4 Reasons to Fall in Love with Angular Component Inheritance


Helpful Tips for Debugging Scully & Angular

Scully is still a new and emerging technology, allowing developers to convert their Angular apps to use JAMstack methodology. Learning how to improve Angular application performance by pre-rendering...