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We have the right people, a proven process, and the powerful tools you need to build amazing web applications.

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Our team is your team

Whether you need a couple of people to add velocity or an entire product team to own the process - everyone at Bitovi is equipped to handle the challenges of building modern apps.
This Is Who We Are
  • We fully integrate with your team
  • We communicate and collaborate daily
  • We like to work in short, focused sprints
  • We conduct weekly demonstrations

We build apps the right way

We follow a proven process and avoid costly shortcuts. As a result, our apps cost less over the long-term. You can get our project checklists to see for yourself.
This Is What We Do
Example Style Guide
Example Stylesheet
Coverage Status

Building apps the right way: (left) A live style guide generated from the CSS and (right) automated testing that runs with every commit

  • User testing and iterative design process
  • Functional and unit tests with measured code coverage
  • Continuous integration
  • Living style guides and documented component library
  • Component-based architecture
  • Advanced CSS & HTML

We are powered by open source

We believe in the power of open source, so we put all of our experience and best practices from a decade of building complex JavaScript applications into these tools.
This Is How We Do It
  • Bitovi worked on a unique dashboard and made the app load over 10 times faster while adding new features and making it more responsive to users.

    — Chad Slaughter, IT Engineering Team at Enova Financial
  • Structured Event Delegation? Development, Test, and Production environments? They even have a build step in their deployment process? Are you sure this is a JavaScript application? I can't wait to work with them again!

    — Donnie Hall, eNova Financial
  • Not only did Bitovi design an easy-to-use application, but they gave us the tools and training we need to do it ourselves.

    — Abdul Anwer, TransPerfect
  • Bitovi's creativity and competence helped us improve the frontend architecture and contributed critical parts of the final coding. JavaScriptMVC made the foundation of the biggest Javascript codebase we ever built.

    — Gaylord Aulke, Zend Technologies
  • Bitovi’s JavascriptMVC framework and expert development resources contributed to the successful implementation and deployment of Mindjet Connect, our robust, cloud-based, work collaboration system.

    — Eric Pearson, Sr Director of Software Engineering , Mindjet
  • Bitovi's ability to iterate designs almost daily gave us a solid picture of the app early on and allowed us move very quickly on the development.

    — Abdul Anwer, TransPerfect

We helped HaulHound launch in 3 months

We became a complete product team for this logistics industry start-up and launched a production-ready app.

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