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Build a feature-rich Tic-Tac-Toe game in this beginner React guide.

Audience: Intermediate JS developers, new React developers

Goal: Learn the basics of React

Time: 6 hours

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Build a validating credit card form with RxJS and a bit of Angular. Learn the hard but fundamental operators.

Audience: Intermediate JS developers

Goal: Build complex state mechanics with observables.

Time: 6 hours

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Build a multipage, realtime ordering app with Angular. Learn FormBuilder and FormGroup. Write tests too!

Audience: Intermediate JS developers

Goal: Build data driven applications with Angular.

Time: 10 hours

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Build an NgRx feature store to manage login state through actions, reducers, effects, and selectors.

Audience: Intermediate JS developers

Goal: Learn about the architecture of an NgRx application

Time: 5 hours

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Agile Program Management with Jira

Learn how to build, maintain, and report on accurate multi-team plans with Jira.

Audience: Program Managers

Goal: Coordinate large projects with multiple teams.

Time: 12 hours

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Build and containerize a Node app then orchestrate a more complex example with docker-compose in this Docker guide.

Audience: Intermediate developers, new DevOps Engineers

Goal: Learn Docker fundamentals and container orchestration.

Time: 2 hours

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Debug JavaScript

Learn breakpoints and how to debug the scope, stack, prototypes, and property changes.

Audience: Beginner JS developers

Goal: Debug most problems with chrome developer tools.

Time: 1 hour

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Web Components

Build a bus tracker component that can be used anywhere with web components. Learn the core APIs.

Audience: Intermediate JS developers

Goal: Understand the web component APIs at the lowest level.

Time: 8 hours

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Learn the essentials of TypeScript: types, functions, classes, interfaces and generics.

Audience: Beginner JS developer

Goal: Be ready to develop a TypeScript project.

Time: 3 hours

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Advanced JavaScript

Learn all the hard but important stuff you should know when programming JavaScript.

Audience: Intermediate JS developers

Goal: Understand what's going on "under the hood".

Time: 6 hours

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DOM and jQuery

Build your own version of jQuery and use it to make a basic tabs widget. Enjoy the meta programming too!

Audience: Intermediate JS developers

Goal: Understand the DOM enough to build widgets frameworks can't.

Time: 10 hours

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The following courses are under development.

Technology Consulting

Learn to perform aspects of technology consulting: product management, communication, setting goals, etc.

Audience: Technology consultants or clients

Goal: Learn the basics of technology consulting

Time: 6 hours

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