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From enterprise teams to scrappy startups - we provide the skills and experience to help our clients succeed.

Haulhound Logo

We worked with logistics startup Haulhound to design and develop a system connecting truckers and shippers. The system we built supports real-time data, an iOS and Android app for truckers, and a web application for shippers.
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logo equibit group

We worked with the Equibit Group to build a virtual wallet & investor app for Bitcoin and Equibit cryptocurrencies using blockchain technology.
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logo transperfect
We helped TransPerfect design and build new apps that helped doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies track and report the safety of their products to the Food and Drug Administration.
logo walmart
We worked with the WalmartLabs team to develop the Walmart mobile site and build an internal configuration app, which controls the banner ads shown in Walmart mobile apps.
We worked with the Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction to re-design their Access to Justice Authoring application, which allows attorneys to make web-based legal forms available to under-resourced communities that can't afford legal representation.
logo cengage
We lead the team that architected the MindTap textbook reading application. In addition, we built a postMessage based API that allowed for safe, third party, cross domain app integration.
logo t-mobile
In cooperation with Zend Technologies and Uxebu, we used JavaScriptMVC to build DSL - a social media content manager. Users could share music, movies, and pictures with others. It included a “big scroll” table that worked with over 10 thousand records.
logo net plenish
We helped NetPlenish (now ShopGenius) build the first iteration of their app which allowed users find the best price across the web. This included a google searchable frontend and complex state-based routing that inspired can.route.
logo huawei
Huawei hired us to design and build a video content management system. This included a complex, real-time auditing workflow, drag and drop playlists and tagging.
logo tradetech
We trained Trade Tech's developers and then helped create a new cloud based replacement of their existing Syrinx applications, which manage the scheduling and rate estimation for worldwide shipping operations.
logo mindjet tasks
We built a mobile version of the Mindjet Tasks project management application using web technologies and built to a native app with Phonegap.
logo enova
We built eNova an application that provides real-time queued support requests and quickly editable customer records for a large call center operation. We also built a services dashboard web application that helps monitor all of their servers in real-time.
logo symantec
We build an optimization dashboard for Symantec to give marketers live results of optimization campaigns running on Norton's eCommerce website. The dashboard was context aware so the results were specific to the country and language of the current page.
logo american kennel club
We helped the American Kennel Club with the latest release of Online Competition Management System (OCMS).This system manages dog show events and judges that take place all over North America. We also assisted them on front end testing and automation.
logo EMC
EMC hired us to work on RSA Archer eGRC. We replaced pre-built JavaScript controls with custom built ones and implemented a thin server architecture to dramatically improve page load speed.
logo mindjet
Mindjet hired us to create a realtime co-editing filemanager for ProjectDirector. This app helps your team stay on task, on track, and on time.
logo reciprocity
We worked alongside their Reciprocity's team to build an open source hosted governance and risk compliance platform. In addition, we helped apply the needs for role-based access control and provided a gateway for users to easily access and digest all of the objects related to them in the system.
logo cision
We led the rebuild of the OneSearch application, which improved performance and code maintainability by implementing a thin server, client side MVC application architecture with JavaScriptMVC and CanJS.
logo capgemini
We helped CapGemini with a rewrite of their procurement search engine application. Additionaly, we trained their frontend team and helped their complex application support a diverse set of browsers ranging all the way from IE6 to iPad.
logo cars.com
Our instructors led Cars.com through a custom 5-day training tailored to their team's skillset.
logo fidelity
We trained and paired with the Fidelity dev team to help them develop JavaScript, jQuery, and DoneJS skills, and to build a portfolio management tool.
logo bithub
We designed and implemented a next-generation social proof engine for brands and companies to embed on their websites, including the administrative app that powers the service. 

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