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Open Source

We build powerful tools and open source them to support the community.

The open source advantage

Open source is Bitovi’s secret weapon, allowing us to take project risk off the table and improve quality for our clients

You can’t hire React or Angular’s core team to consult and train your devs, but you can hire Bitovi’s devs and enjoy some very unique benefits:

Priority support

Projects that run into framework issues can have them fixed quickly by our open source team members, keeping timelines unaffected.

Deeply knowledgeable devs

Bitovi devs know DoneJS projects more deeply than other vendors know OS tools because they help create and maintain them. The result is a higher level of proficiency, which translates to performance, quality, and speed.

More passionate devs

Bitovi often hires devs that are pre-vetted from our OS community, which includes passionate OS advocates. Being active with Open Source allows Bitovi to hire better devs who share a mission to make the web a better place.

Long term support

Long after we’re gone, we’ll stay engaged with your team, help upgrade your app, and provide support for framework bugs or issues.

We'll work with you to find the best way our open source developers can help you

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We use the best tools for the job

We will work with any tool that the job requires, not just our own.

Every company and project is different. Our team can work with any framework you ultimately choose. In the end, it’s just JavaScript. We’re passionate about Open Source even beyond the DoneJS ecosystem, which is why we also provide expert React consulting and enterprise Angular consulting.

Need help figuring out which tool to use? Contact us for a free consultation