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Frontend Engineering Services

There’s no limit to what your frontend can do.

You bring the unique idea. We’ll bring the experience and creativity to make it work.

You name it, we’ve built it.
Give us our next challenge.

Bitovi was one of the first JavaScript consultancies in the world. We’ve had the opportunity to provide frontend development for everything from global corporations to fast-moving startups. We love a unique challenge.

  • Mobile & Desktop
  • Web Apps
  • Microprocessors
  • Tooling
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Leverage our expertise in a wide variety of technologies.

When you’ve been around as long as we have, you know not every idea can be brought to fruition by a single framework - which is why it’s important to have a varied toolbox. Our specialty is JavaScript, React, and Angular, but we’ve also built projects in Canvas, WebGL, and plain old HTML and CSS - to name just a few. Show us your project, and we’ll find the best way to build it.

  • HTML, CSS, & SVG
  • React Native
  • Canvas
  • WebGL
  • Cordova & Electron

Some of our high-profile clients include:

Yum!WalmartLevi'sT-MobileSam's ClubLowe's Iris

Here’s how we do it.


Consultation is woven into everything else Bitovi provides. We bring our expertise in frontend engineering, of course, but we’re also well-versed in best practices, Agile methodologies, and communication. It’s our job to rapidly get up to speed on your company’s goals, validate concepts quickly, and collaborate with your team to deliver the project as swiftly as possible.

Staff Augmentation

You’re probably familiar with staff augmentation as simply providing more bodies. When you work with Bitovi, we’ll be sending experts who don’t need hand-holding. Our long experience with varied project types lets us hit the ground running, seamlessly integrate with your team, and deliver work swiftly while making expert suggestions on improving the path to your goals.


With over a decade and a half of experience, we know what it takes to design and develop applications the right way. We’re also hugely passionate about that process, and we’ll get your teams excited about it too.

  • Flexible curriculum to meet your team’s needs
  • Best practices are taught alongside practical skills
  • Real-world applications for the concepts we teach
  • We come to you for in-person trainings at your offices
  • For distributed teams (like ours!) we offer remote trainings
  • 1 instructor per every 8 participants to ensure 1:1 coaching

Frontend Experts since 2008

You want people who understand frontend development inside and out, and who absolutely love building amazing apps. That’s what Bitovi has to offer. We create our own open source JS frameworks. We founded and host the long-running ChicagoJS meetup, and we live and breathe finding the best way to build incredible apps. Talk to us about your next project.

Justin Meyer
Chief Executive Officer

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