About Us

Bitovi simplifies JavaScript development and UX design. We teach people how to create amazing web apps, the right way. After years of solving complex front-end engineering problems, we know what works and what doesn't. And we've baked that experience into our tools, consulting, and training.

Our Team

Bitovi is a group of really talented software engineers and product designers. We only hire the best and we're always looking for top-notch people to grow our team. If you think you have what it takes, view our openings.

Justin Meyer

CEO, basketballer, Michael Jackson fan

Brian Moschel

CTO, dog rollerblader, R Kelly fan

Tom Greever

Designer, pixel-pusher, mechanic

Matthew Phillips

Engineer, granter of three wishes

Mark Stahl

Developer, dragon slayer, runtime junkie

Manuel Mujica

Vinotinto, coffee lover, philomath

Alfredo Delgado

Husband, father, coder, data enthusiast

Paula Strozak

Planner, puzzle enthusiast, book worm

Adam L Barrett

JavaScript Dev, board game geek, movie lover

Adri De La Cuadra

Designer, traveler, aspiring homesteader

Juan Orozco

Wonderer, explorer, fun seeker-er

Chasen Le Hara

Developer, traveler, runner for beer

James Atherton

JavaScripter, UI/UX enthusiast, meditator

Lela Kodai

Problem solver, adventurer, media addict

Kyle Gifford

Engineer, food and drink-er, globetrotter

Ilya Fadeev

JavaScripter, country skier, violin hacker

Marshall Thompson

Full-stack creative, musician, paleo junkie

Mick McGrath

Developer, animations partisan, staff spinner

Nils Lundquist

Full-stack engineer, grill master, awful TV apologist

Kevin Phillips

Developer, beard enthusiast, sportsball fan

Ryan Wheale

JavaScript engineer, drummer, beer enthusiast

Bradley Momberger

JavaScript engineer, Twitter bot maker, pinball flipper

Ryan G. Wilson and his beard

Ryan Wilson

User-centered designer, problem-solver, family man

Mike Mitchel

Developer, bass thumper, breakfast hash slinger

John Gardner

Developer, seeker of truth, biker

Ivan Herndon

JavaScript developer, music lover, all-around good guy

Liz Tom

Developer, lion dancer, lifelong learner

Obaid Ahmed

Javascript developer, cricket player, foodie

Andrea Pereira de Almeida

Designer, runner, painter, cat lover

Jamie McCue

Designer, record collector, MTN biker

Christopher Baker

Developer, maker of food, algorithmic artist

Chris Andrejewski

Developer, the worst one, air hockey champion

Bianca Gandolfo

JavaScript enthusiast, educator, and mischief maker

Austin Kurpuis

Developer, griller of meats, drinker of beers, dog dad

Chasen Le Hara

Bitovi’s 2016 Employee Retreat: Phoenix

posted in About on July 15, 2016 by Chasen Le Hara

Everyone at Bitovi works from home, so each year we all get together for a week-long company retreat in a new city. We’ve visited cities such as New Orleans, Las Vegas, and Austin, so this year we held our retreat in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona!
Brian Moschel

Lessons from a Decade of JavaScript Consulting: Bitovi’s 10 Core Principles

posted in About, Development on March 1, 2016 by Brian Moschel

Bitovi’s core mission is simple: deliver amazing applications. Over the past 10 years of JavaScript consulting, we've learned a lot via the time honored process of trial and error. We've honed in on 10 core principles (one per year!) that keep us laser-focused on our mission. This article will explain who we are, what our 10 most important principles are, and how we arrived at them.
Lela Kodai

6 Personal Challenges to Working Remotely

posted in About on February 16, 2016 by Lela Kodai

There are six challenges I’ve recognized over and over that represent the biggest hurdles to transitioning from a traditional office job to remote work, and how I've overcome them.