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About Us

Bitovi simplifies JavaScript development and UX design. We teach people how to create amazing web apps, the right way. After years of solving complex front-end engineering problems, we know what works and what doesn't. And we've baked that experience into our tools, consulting, and training.

Leadership Team

Brian Moschel

Chief Executive Officer

Dog rollerblader, Black Mirror aficionado

Tom Greever

President and UX Director

Designer, pixel-pusher, mechanic

Paula Strozak

Chief Operating Officer

Planner, puzzle enthusiast, book worm

Justin Meyer

Director of R & D

Basketballer, Michael Jackson fan

Kyle Gifford

Director of Consulting Services

Engineer, food and drink-er, globetrotter

Consulting Team

Adam L Barrett

JavaScript Dev, board game geek, movie lover

Adri De La Cuadra

Designer, traveler, aspiring homesteader

Andrea Pereira de Almeida

Designer, runner, painter, cat lover

Josh Hoff

Developer, runner, yogi

Austin Kurpuis

Developer, griller of meats, drinker of beers, dog dad

Bradley Momberger

JavaScript engineer, Twitter bot maker, pinball flipper

Chasen Le Hara

Developer, traveler, runner for beer

Christopher Baker

Developer, maker of food, algorithmic artist

Ilya Fadeev

JavaScripter, country skier, violin hacker

Jamie McCue

Designer, coffee, music

Kevin Phillips

Developer, beard enthusiast, sportsball fan

Manuel Mujica

Vinotinto, coffee lover, philomath

Mark Brehaut

Designer, music player, master self-deprecator

Mark Stahl

Developer, dragon slayer, runtime junkie

Matthew Phillips

Engineer, granter of three wishes

Matt Chaffe

Developer, coffee drinker

Michael Cheng

Developer, writer, poet

Mick McGrath

Developer, animations partisan, staff spinner

Mike Dane

Developer, musician, omelette maker

Mike Mitchel

Developer, bass thumper, breakfast hash slinger

Nils Lundquist

Full-stack engineer, grill master, awful TV apologist

Jennifer Wadella

Developer, international speaker, kombucha brewer

Rich McNeary

Rich McNeary

Photographer, reluctant runner, inspector of snow-storms

Ryan G. Wilson and his beard

Ryan Wilson

User-centered designer, problem-solver, family man