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DevOps Best Practices:  Managing Repository Configuration

October 13, 2021

You can't just say "we do DevOps" anymore. If DevOps best practices aren't followed, teams inevitably waste the potential gains that DevOps practices enable, and infrastructure problems still aren't...

Automating CI/CD Website Deployments with BitOps

October 7, 2021

A common challenge for any established website or application is migrating to a cloud-based provider.  When hardware is too old, paid dedicated hosting plans are no longer cost effective, or the...

Get Started with Tailwind CSS for Angular v12

September 29, 2021

Tailwind CSS is an easy-to-use CSS framework for quick UI development on anything from small projects to enterprise level applications. It's great for all CSS experience levels and since Angular v12...

How to Deploy a HeyEmoji Slack App to AWS using Terraform

September 22, 2021

HeyEmoji is a fantastic reward system teams can use to recognize each other's accomplishments, dedication, and hard work. Once you get it set up, you can mention a colleague's Slack username in any...

TypeScript Features Every Angular Developer Needs to Know

September 17, 2021

If you’re an Angular developer, you’re missing out if you’re not using advanced TypeScript features to help you build better code. 

A Simple Asynchronous Alternative to React's useReducer

July 27, 2021

Even though React's useReducer has gained a lot of popularity during the last couple of years, it can be difficult to use for some common cases. Specifically, it requires a lot of boilerplate to...

Unlocking Sketch metadata: find symbols across files using sketchtool CLI, Bash, and JSON

July 12, 2021

Have you ever had the daunting task of checking whether developers coded a component (e.g., button, checkbox, alert) according to spec and needed to find ALL instances of that component in a huge...

What’s New in RxJS 7: Small Bundles and Big Changes to share()

June 2, 2021

RxJS 7 has shipped! For us Angular developers, it unfortunately did not ship in time for Angular 12.

Manage Form-Driven State with ngrx-forms (Part 2)

May 25, 2021

This post is a continuation from Part 1, where we set up a test project with NgRx and ngrx-forms in our Angular application. For part 2, we will validate our form.

Understand Declarative vs. Imperative Code using Array Functions

May 25, 2021

Declarative code: it’s a hot term in all types of programming. But what does it really mean? More importantly, how do you make the jump from understanding the concept to actually writing declarative...