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DevOps Consulting

Our team of experts will make sure you have the tools and skills necessary for a successful DevOps journey.

How we solve common challenges in the DevOps space

As your business grows, so does the infrastructure required to host your applications. Manually making changes by logging on to a server or clicking buttons on a cloud console quickly becomes inefficient and error prone. This is colloquially known as ClickOps.

Bitovi DevOps consultants will work with you to move your existing infrastructure to be managed by an Infrastructure-as-Code (IAC) tool. This allows you to make infrastructure changes with confidence by giving your infrastructure the same care and consideration that goes in to managing application source code.

Enabling your infrastructure to scale has different options depending on what your existing infrastructure looks like.

  1. Virtual Machines: A machine image is created using a technology like Packer then multiple instances of the image are created and deployed behind a load balancer. This can be paired with an autoscaling tool to dynamically add or remove instances as required.
  2. Containers: Containerizing your application with Docker gives you the flexibility to host almost anywhere including many great technologies, like Kubernetes, that natively support autoscaling. If you're unfamiliar, we created a free Docker training in our Bitovi Academy.
  3. Static websites: Using a content delivery network (CDN), static sites and assets can be globally replicated to be served from a server that is geographically close to your users.

Low velocity can often be attributed to an inefficient software development process. Below are some workflow changes that can help you deliver faster:

  1. Reducing batch size: Minimizing the complexity by increasing the frequency of your releases allows you to ship faster with reduced risk. This is paired with automation pipelines to further increase speed and safety.
  2. Elevating constraints: If you have a critical employee or group who is always busy and becoming a delivery bottleneck, they need to be aggressively targeted for optimization. The constraint should be supported and audited to only work on what is aligned with the business' primary objectives. Almost all other areas for improvement are irrelevant until this is done.
  3. Reducing work in progress (WIP): Context switching is harmful to velocity. Having a well defined backlog along with everyone having clear understanding of the business' core objectives keeps your delivery streamlined.
  4. Reducing unplanned work: Unplanned work is inevitable and roadblocks resources from contributing to the business' primary objectives. When unplanned work comes up, it's important to have a process in place to complete it with minimal disruption and try to prevent it from happening again.

These are powerful changes you can make to keep business aligned with IT. Bitovi will help you transform your business to deliver to customers faster than your competition. 

Bitovi DevOps consultants are well versed in different deployment patterns to support zero-downtime releases:

  1. Rolling deployments: If there are multiple instances of a given application, a change is rolled out incrementally to ensure there are always instances available to serve traffic.
  2. Blue/Green deployments: A fully functioning copy of your application is created with the new change deployed to it. Once this is done, live traffic is redirected to this new copy and the old live version is destroyed.
  3. Canary deployments: Similar to blue/green, a functioning copy of your application is created with the new change, but a percentage of live traffic is sent to it to check for errors. If there are no errors, the percentage of live traffic increases until 100% of traffic is against the new deployment.

Bitovi can help implement these patterns regardless of your current system landscape.

A long manual release process is scary, error prone, and contributes to resistance to smaller and more frequent releases.

Adopting Continuous Integration (CI) along with Continuous Delivery (CD) allows the release process to be repeatable and painless.

Hardcoding credentials is a security vulnerability and can lead to unintended privilege escalation or larger incidents. Rotating credentials becomes a cumbersome process if it's done at all.

Bitovi is well versed in secret management tools like Vault and AWS Secrets Manager that keep secrets secure and makes rotation easy.

When a production incident occurs, how does your team find out? How do they respond?

Bitovi DevOps consultants implement a observability suite that includes both auto-detection and auto-remediation solutions. Abnormalities are detected automatically and when possible, are programmatically resolved without human intervention. In cases where the issue can not be resolved automatically, the suite can collect relevant data and share it with a site reliability engineer (SRE) to expedite the resolution.

For more details, check out our page on Stackstorm consulting.

The Bitovi Difference

Why Bitovi is the best consultancy for your project

More than just a number
All senior staff
Full-stack solutions
Open Source
Collective Knowledge

More than just a number

As a smaller consultancy, we depend on referrals and our clients sharing their experience to help us grow. Your success is our success.

Bitovi is committed to giving the best experience for every client, small or large.

All senior staff

We believe what makes a great engineer is not expertise in a specific set of tools, but the breath of experience to recognize patterns common among different technologies.

Given the massive scope of the CNCF landscape, we only hire senior engineers who have a passion for learning and a proven track record of working with a diverse set of technologies.

Full-stack solutions

We do more than DevOps Consulting. Bitovi has consultants spanning many different disciplines of the software development lifecycle (SDLC).

Regardless of what your application needs, Bitovi will help make your project a success. 

See all Bitovi services for more information.

Open Source

Bitovi consultants try to give back to the developer community by building and contributing to Open Source (OS) projects like BitOps.

Because we helped create them, this uniquely positions Bitovi consultants as experts in your favorite OS tools!

Collective Knowledge

When you work with Bitovi, you get the collective knowledge of all Bitovians and its community.

Even if you only hire one consultant for your project, Bitovian's frequently meet internally to discuss technical solutions for their clients.

One of the largest benefits that stood out is that Bitovians are always willing to find a quality solution to a problem, not just any solution. Digging deep into the details to really understand a problem is exhausting, but necessary, and Bitovians do that very consistently.

— Joe Cavanagh, Fortune 100 Company

If you're trying to achieve DevOps, Bitovi can help!

Do your teams have problems like these?

We can help your teams overcome these challenges 
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Bitovi has more than a decade of experience developing and deploying complex applications for a wide variety of clients, and that has given us valuable insight necessary to alleviate pain points in development and operations teams and toolchains.

Technologies our DevOps consultants are skilled with

Infrastructure Management



Secrets Management


Bitovi can help!

Whether you’re using these or any tools in the Cloud Native Landscape, Bitovi will work with your teams to enhance your DevOps pipelines according to your organization’s needs, regardless of your team size or complexity.

What Bitovi DevOps Consulting looks like


Free Consultation

We'll schedule a 30-60 min video call to understand your business and how Bitovi DevOps consultants can help. 

We'll ask you questions about your business, your current technology landscape, what kind of challenges you're facing, and where you would like to be.

After this meeting, we will put together a high level proposal with some loosely estimated tasks to accomplish your goals.



If the initial proposal looks good, we like to spend 3-10 days to get access to your systems and familiarize ourselves with your business and teams.

This primarily allows us to verify the assumptions made during the initial proposal and produce a more concrete statement of work. In many circumstances, a proof-of-concept demo is also put together during this step.


Estimated Proposal

After the discovery phase, we will share a detailed  overview of the work we'll do and how long it will take us to do it. 

On approval, we will create the corresponding tasks in your preferred project management tool (JIRA, Github, Trello, etc.) and get to work!


Integrated Implementation

We've seen other consultancies disappear during this phase and re-appear at the end to dump their solution on you and collect payment. 

That's not us!

We pride ourselves in integrating with your team and keeping you in the loop throughout the entire project. This means participating in your standups, providing demos and keeping task statuses up to date.

Whether it's Slack, Teams, Drive, Dropbox, Confluence, or anything else, Bitovi DevOps consultants will work with your teams in your chosen tools to make your project a success!


Thorough Support / Handoff

Bitovi strives to exceed expectations in all steps of the process and closing a project is no exception.

We want to make sure that when the project is complete, you have the tools and knowledge to continue working with or without us.

This means setting aside time to train your team and produce world-class documentation allowing continued success in your DevOps journey

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Interested in achieving DevOps?

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