Style Guide Driven Development: A How To Guide To Improve your Development Workflow

Style Guide Driven Development (SGDD) is a fairly new term I first heard from Nicole Sullivan’s talk about her experience on a project for Pivotal Labs. But thinking about some more, I realized SGDD...

3 Steps to Mobile First Modules in LESS

When I first started mobile first design I used a pretty rigid template for my LESS files. All my designs were split across 5 or so LESS files named: mobile.less, tablet.less, desktop.less, etc. This...

Custom HTML Element Architecture: Why its Awesome and How to Use it Today

Custom HTML Element architecture involves building JavaScript applications entirely from, you guessed it, custom HTML elements.

Live Style Guides for Teams, Powered by DocumentJS

A team with both designers and developers needs a simple resource to share a project's styles and best practices. DocumentCSS generates a Live Style Guide so style documentation evolves along with...

JavaScript Frameworks Don't Matter - The Real Reasons Why Projects Fail

In this article, we'll discuss the results of Bitovi's checklist experiment and what key lessons we learned about making projects successful.

Creating A JavaScript Project Checklist

This article provides a simple JavaScript project checklist that you can use in your own projects.

Why You Need a JavaScript Project Checklist

Last November, Justin gave a talk at DotJS all about JavaScript Project Checklists.

Getting Started with Cordova in 15 Minutes or Less

This article will provide a quick guide to getting up and running with Cordova.

Modlet Workflows

One of Bitovi's earliest, and most important, development strategies was the introduction of the "modlet" workflow. It's a very simple concept - every module should be developed as its own...

Hot module replacement comes to StealJS

StealJS 0.10.0 just landed with a new feature that could change the way you develop: live-reload. Live-reload is an extension for Steal that speeds up development by eliminating the need to ever...