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Introducing StealJS

note: if you'd like to learn more about StealJS, join us for a Podovi Bitcast live on Friday!

2.2 Features

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the 2.2 buy a feature. Learning what our community values will help us make a better product.

2.2 Buy A Feature

There's much to accomplish for CanJS 2.2 ... too much! We want to build what's most important to you, our community. So on Sept 9th at 6 PM CST over join.me or at CanJS Chicago, we will collectively...

CanJS Case Study - BrightRoll

BrightRoll is an online video advertising platform company who built their Console purchasing application using CanJS. They wanted to share their experience.

Web Application Theory

I've been attempting to organize how Bitovi approaches web application development. I'd like to draw a line from what users and businesses value (quality) to the techniques and tools we use to build...

Bithub.com - social community rewards

Today we are excited to announce our Open Source community site - Bithub.com. It organizes our contributors' content across Github, Twitter, Meetup, StackOverflow, Zoho Forums, and IRC.

CanJS 2.1 Release Notes

We're happy to announce the next minor release of CanJS, 2.1, a performance-oriented release with a variety of improvements you'll want to immediately take advantage of in your apps. Like all minor...

Data-Driven JavaScript Controls

Live-bound templates in CanJS can completely change how you build UI controls. When used correctly, live binding gives you far greater separation of concerns and code that is easier to understand and...

CanJS Infrastructure Improvements

Two weeks ago, the CanJS core team spent time improving CanJS's development, test, build, and documentation infrastructure. Here's what we did:

CanJS US Meetup Sponsors

Last week we shared all the great local meetups that we are helping put on in the next two months, but we would not have been able to pull it off without a lot of help from you.