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August 2017 DoneJS Community Update

Chasen Le Hara

This post highlights the notable releases, community projects, and technical content released in the DoneJS community in August 2017.

posted in Open Source, CanJS, StealJS, DoneJS on September 6, 2017 by Chasen Le Hara

August 2017 DoneJS Community Update

Chasen Le Hara by Chasen Le Hara

Lots of notable releases, community projects, and technical content were released in the DoneJS community last month! This post outlines some of the highlights from August 2017.

Notable releases

We started the month off with CanJS 3.9.1, a patch release with dozens of bugfixes. At the end of the month, we released CanJS 3.10 with lots of new features:

Check out the 3.10 release notes for more info and examples of the new features.

StealJS had lots of new releases too:

Blog posts, talks, & trainings

Two of our contributors presented at conferences last month:

We’ve been working a lot on taking advantage of new technologies such as streams, fetch, HTTP/2 Push, and NDJSON. You can find useful articles, projects, and presentations on our Streamable Web Apps page.

Adri De La Cuadra published a three part tutorial on using DocumentCSS to create a living style guide. Her step-by-step guide shows you how to plan, create pages, and document stylesheets in a living style guide. Check out her posts if you haven’t already!

Bianca Gandolfo published a video and blog post tutorial on using can-migrate to automate your upgrade to CanJS 3. If you’re still on CanJS 2, check out her post for a step-by-step guide to upgrading!


In addition to the projects and releases we’ve already mentioned, we’d like to recognize the following contributions from people outside the core team:

What’s next

Tonight you can come to DoneJS Chicago to learn how to build a progressively loaded app with StealJS. We also have events scheduled for the following meetups; RSVP today!

We’re currently working on the following projects:

As always, you can keep up with the latest in the community throughout the month by following us on Twitter or joining us on our forums or Gitter chat!

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