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CanJS 6.0

November 21, 2019

Hello Web Developers,

DoneJS 3

January 8, 2019

DoneJS 3.0 is out! 🎆

November 2018 DoneJS Community Update

November 13, 2018

It’s been five months since I last wrote one of these community updates, but not because there haven’t been any updates to give… au contraire, I have a ton of links for you to check out, so let’s...

CanJS Debugging Tutorial

October 11, 2018

This tutorial walks through some of CanJS's most useful debugging features. If you are new to CanJS, and want to be impressed, you might checkout it's two most unique and powerful features...

CanJS 5.0

July 18, 2018

Dear Web Developers, The humble DoneJS core team enthusiastically presents CanJS 5.0. Like 4.0 before it, this release continues to simplify CanJS and solve problems in new and ergonomic...

June 2018 DoneJS Community Update

June 12, 2018

Sneak peek: CanJS 5’s new data layer In our first community survey, making it easier to configure and understand can-set was one of the top-voted items. We’re excited to deliver on that proposal in...

May 2018 DoneJS Community Update

May 1, 2018

Tree Shaking with CanJS One of the most highly-voted on items from our March community survey was making CanJS tree-shakable, and it’s now available in CanJS 4.2!

March 2018 DoneJS Community Update

March 28, 2018

CanJS 4 & DoneJS 2 CanJS 4 and DoneJS 2 are out! Check out those blog posts for the full details on the new: debugging tools (hello can-debug) streaming property definitions (goodbye listening to...

Improved Error Handling in DoneJS

March 27, 2018

DoneJS now features improved error handling and messaging for those on donejs@2. In recent weeks we have added:

December 2017 DoneJS Community Update

December 18, 2017

CanJS updates The core team has been focusing our attention on shipping CanJS 4.0, which will make CanJS easier to debug with queues for error-free and traceable code.