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September 2017 DoneJS Community Update

This post highlights the notable releases, community projects, and technical content released in the DoneJS community in September 2017.

Chasen Le Hara

Chasen Le Hara

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Lots of notable releases, community projects, and technical content were released in the DoneJS community last month! This post outlines some of the highlights from September 2017.


Have you ever wanted a service worker for precaching your resources built with steal-tools so they work offline? steal-serviceworker is the package for you! Add it to your build process and a service worker will be created for your project. Check out the usage docs for more information.

The team also shipped a bunch of smaller releases last month:


  • 3.10.1 added some helpful warnings and a fix for the parent.replacements issue
  • 3.10.2 fixed binding to getters that use lastSetVal


  • 0.5.1 fixed an issue with running documentjs as a globally-installed module


  • 1.1.4 fixes an issue with the wrong values being cached for routing


Blog posts & trainings

Matthew Phillips published HTTP/2 in DoneJS, in which he discusses what’s been added to support HTTP/2 in DoneJS, with specific instructions for how to take advantage of the new features in your app!

I published an introduction to react-view-model, a package for creating observable ViewModels for React components. I also published a two part series on the modlet workflow and how StealJS can improve your development workflow.

Last but certainly not least, Justin Meyer published a blog series on techniques the team uses to keep CanJS stable and innovative within a constantly changing technology landscape:

  1. Stable and Innovative Code Bases
  2. How to Manage Code Across Many Independent Repositories
  3. Removing Side Effects - some juice isn't worth the squeeze
  4. Coping with Stateful Code
  5. How to Integrate Other Libraries using Symbols

He also hosted learn how to build a progressively loaded app with StealJS at DoneJS Chicago (check out the guide) and made an epic live stream of the Advanced Credit Card Guide, which walks you through building a credit card payment form with validations. it uses Kefir.js streams (instead of can-define) to make a ViewModel, and can-kefir is used to make the Kefir streams observable to can-stache.


In addition to the projects and releases we’ve already mentioned, we’d like to recognize the following contributions from people outside the core team:

Community Survey

Last month we asked you to help us improve the DoneJS family of projects by taking our first community survey, and the results were outstanding! Our goal was to better understand what everyone thinks of the projects, and the feedback we received was invaluable.

We also heard what you wanted us to focus our attention on in the next six weeks. We discussed the results in our last contributors meeting. We’ve started working on the following epics:

The next survey will go out Friday, November 3rd, so sign up today to receive it when it becomes available!

Say hello 👋

We have events scheduled for the following meetups; RSVP today and come say hello!

As always, you can keep up with the latest in the community throughout the month by following us on Twitter or joining us on our forums or Gitter chat.