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Streamable Web Apps

We can help you use tools of new browser and server technologies to dramatically improve your app streaming and loading times.

We’re at the dawn of a new golden age of web development, with technologies like streams, fetch, HTTP/2 Push, and NDJSON waiting to be used to make web experiences better.

steamable app example

Why make your app streamable?

To increase perceived performance

Instead of waiting for our entire ajax response to complete, we can start showing the data as it arrives. With streams of JSON data, we can start processing and rendering right away. This makes users happy because they are able to see things sooner.

To save round trips to the server

HTTP/2 lets you send back multiple responses per single request. For example, we can use it to send back the application JS and CSS along with the initial HTML request, helping your page load faster.

To improve your app with just minimal changes on your server

Enabling streamable apps can be done by inserting a Node middleware layer onto performance-sensitive services and enabling streaming data connections.

To improve your app with just minimal changes on your client

To improve your app with just minimal changes on your client

We'll work with you to add a layer to your existing web app that enables streaming - sending data and assets from your server in optimized chunks and rendering on the client incrementally.

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