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We help our clients design incredible experiences for any device.

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User Experience Consulting

User Experience Consulting

We work alongside your team to understand your users' needs, create wireframes, and build interactive prototypes of your project.

Your app will be simple and easy-to-use.

Interface Design

Interface Design

We'll make your app look great. Whether you need pixel-perfect designs or production-ready HTML & CSS, we can give your application the skin it needs.

Your app will be clean and beautiful.

We can help you with

  • User research
  • UX design
  • Interface design
  • Responsive web design
  • Usability testing
  • Audits & analysis
  • Wireframing & prototyping
  • Mobile app design
  • User flows
  • Business requirements
  • Live style guides
  • Advanced HTML & CSS

Our Work

Our team worked alongside WalmartLabs to create the next-generation mobile site for the wholesale retailer. Our design focus was on improved user flows for better product engagement and improved add to cart rates. The result was significantly increased conversion, longer mobile shopping sessions, with an overall improved experience on a modern mobile platform.

We partnered with this iconic brand to build a modern, fully responsive ecommerce platform, bringing a consistent experience to denim fans on any device. Our team built more than just a fast single-page application with server-side rendering. We also created a live style guide to document every component so that future development could be built on top of this foundation. The result was a lightweight, modular codebase that could be used across both Levi's and Docker's branded websites.

We became a complete product team for this logistics industry start-up. From defining requirements to an initial investment pitch, our team has helped HaulHound every step of the way. Our designers did research, user flows, and the entire visual and interaction design. Meanwhile, our engineers built a custom, real-time backend and API. The result was a fully responsive app deployed to the web, iOS and Android with a single, shared codebase.

We helped TransPerfect design and build a brand new breed of applications for the clinical trial and pharmacovigilance industries. The new apps help doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies track and report the safety of their products to the Food and Drug Administration. The result was a simple app that met the needs of a wide variety of users, while adhering to strict government standards for safety.

We use a set of checklists to keep us on track and ensure reproducible quality on every project.
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Our team worked alongside the non-profit Center for Computer Assisted Legal Instruction to re-design their Access to Justice Authoring application. The app allows attorneys to make web-based legal forms available to under-resourced communities that cannot afford legal representation. The result was an easy to use application that serves thousands of lawyers, courts, and people across the U.S.

Our team designed and implemented a next-generation social proof engine for brands and companies to embed on their websites. We designed the interfaces for both the public-facing marketing site, as well as the administrative app that powers the service. The result was an attractive, simple application that is helping brands spread the word about their products all over the web.

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Our clients like us because...

We make complex apps simple and easy to use

We iterate designs frequently for quick decision making

We work in tandem with development and write our own CSS

Our style guides make their apps maintainable and future-proof

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Andrea Pereira de Almeida

Use Flexbox to create a sticky header and sidebar with flexible content

posted in Design on March 7, 2017 by Andrea Pereira de Almeida

While re-designing the CanJS website, I ran into a few issues coding the new layout.  I needed a way to create a fixed header and a fixed flexible sidebar that would adjust its width based on its content.  This meant that the main content container also needed to flex to accommodate more or less sidebar content. This post will show you how I created this layout hack using Flexbox and I will explain how to create your own html template that contains the following:
Skyler Taylor

4 Reasons to Use High Fidelity Designs Early in a UX Process

posted in Consulting, Design on February 8, 2017 by Skyler Taylor

Most UX processes value low-fidelity design early in a project’s life: simple, hand-drawn sketches, basic wireframes, and even boxy prototypes. It isn’t until later in the process, as the details get filled in, that higher fidelity designs get introduced. It makes sense: lo-fi designs are quick and easy which makes for faster turn-around in an iterative process. But are low-fidelity designs always the best way to go?
Lela Kodai

3 Ways Knitting and Web Design Go Hand-in-Hand

posted in Design on January 11, 2017 by Lela Kodai

After a technology-filled day at work, one of my favorite ways to relax is to sit with my dog and knit something. I love the tactile qualities of fiber. I can create something both appealing and functional (much like the interfaces at work), but without hunching over my laptop.