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Custom eCommerce Solutions

We've helped teams at Walmart, Sam's Club, and Levi's build world-class, custom eCommerce solutions.
We can help you design and build a performant application to meet the high demands of modern eCommerce.

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Our team worked alongside WalmartLabs to create the next-generation mobile site for the wholesale retailer. Our design focus was on improved user flows for better product engagement and improved add to cart rates. The result was significantly increased conversion, longer mobile shopping sessions, with an overall improved experience on a modern mobile platform.

Flexible Process

We're pretty flexible in how we work if our client has strong preferences, but here's a few common patterns:

  • Sometimes we're a hybrid team of client devs and Bitovi devs. Other times we're an all Bitovi team forming a mini product team reporting to a client product manager.
  • We usually work in teams of 3 devs, 1 designer. Our designers are technical, so they are in charge of HTML and CSS implementation. They also often perform user testing throughout the design process.
  • We mostly focus on frontend work, but we also do NodeJS work. Sometimes we work with an existing backend and build a NodeJS middleware layer. Other times we work with the client's backend team to build an API layer.
  • We prefer to operate using the Agile methodology, when it's possible. We prefer releasing often and mini cycles of design/implement/QA/release instead of a “build everything all at once” mentality.

We partnered with this iconic brand to enhance their ecommerce platform and deliver a modern, fully responsive experience to denim fans on any device. Our team built more than just a fast single-page application with server-side rendering. We also created a live style guide to document every component so that future development could be built on top of this foundation. The result was a lightweight, modular codebase that could be used across both Levi's and Docker's branded websites.

Unique Capabilities

During our experience building all sorts of eCommerce apps, we’ve built technology to make that job easier, and integrated these pieces into open source libraries.

  • Aggressive caching techniques - we’ve built many types of data caching optimizations that let users on e-commerce sites see rendered content faster with minimal server trips
  • Server side rendering with SEO - we use server side rendering with a caching CDN service like Akamai to allow for almost instant load times, while still providing a single page app experience
  • One app with many platforms - we’ve integrated with tech like Cordova and Electron to build - single codebase apps that work on mobile, web, and desktop, saving cost
  • Live style guides - our designers create live style guides that publish via comments in CSS and JavaScript, so assembling future apps and features is simple and the look and feel is uniform
  • Real-time - we’ve made adding real-time data to our apps very simple, with very minimal application code needed

We helped Lowe's Home Improvement bring their Iris brand of ioT to the web in a browser-based app that can control and monitor every connected device in real time. This fully responsive project rolled up all the features of their native mobile app counterparts for access to home automation systems from any device without installing special software. More than just an app, the Iris platform is a designed system of web components that can be used to build more applications in the future.

Why Our Clients Love Us

Our clients hire us for a variety of reasons, but here are the most common values we bring to the table:

  • Experience - We've built high profile, performant apps for major brands. There aren't many front-end consulting companies with more experience building rich eCommerce apps over the past decade.
  • Less Tech Risk - Every project that uses open source technology runs into roadblocks. Sometimes those roadblocks derail project timelines, but they don't with our teams. We have a dedicated open source team that can fix anything, because we manage the stack.
  • Quality People - we hire the best people from our open source community, so we can be more selective. Our team is amazing and often end up staying with clients for long periods of time.

Can we help you make an amazing app too?

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