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Blockchain Consulting

We provide advice, expertise, and consulting services for crypto-currencies and blockchain technology. Our team has built products and services around blockchain, giving us a unique perspective on how it can transform your business.

Not sure where to start?

Determine Feasibility

Let our team come to you to discuss how blockchain is relevant to your business. We'll spend 2 days on site helping you understand the technology, assessing the feasibility for your business, and leading you in exercises to help narrow your focus and determine a direction.

Request a Consultation

Have an idea?

Create a Prototype

If you already have a sense for how blockchain will be used, we can help you build a basic protoype to prove out the uses cases and solve for some of the biggest questions. The end result is a working demo, which can be used to plan for the viability of a real product and create better estimates.

Inquire About a Proof-of-Concept

Ready to go?

Build a Product

If you already understand blockchain technology and are ready to get started, we'll help you lay out a plan for your product and start building right away. We can work alongside your team or build the entire product, from UX and design to full front-end and back-end implementation.

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We've built with blockchain

We partnered with Equibit Group to build a next-generation securities exchange for initial coin offerings. Equibit is a virtual wallet & investor app for Bitcoin and other crytocurrencies uses block-chain. Read the story...

Equibit App Screen Shots

Work With Us

Bitovi has been building web applications since before it was a thing. Our team built the very first JavaScript framework for web apps, called JavaScriptMVC, before tools like Angular or React were ubiquitous. Our experience and research in building high-performance web apps for companies like Walmart, T-mobile, and Levi's gave us the experience to build at scale, with crazy performance that moves business metrics.

As technology has changed, our expertise and work in blockchain and cryptocurrencies has accelerated. As leaders in the open source JavaScript revolution,  Bitovi is also helping transform this new technology with our open source tools, proven process, and team of the smartest people.

bitovi at work bitovi collaborating An app built by Bitovi

Let's work together

We would love to hear about your next project and discuss how can we make you succeed.

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