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Using a stable platform

We think you should be focused on your app and your users, not keeping pace with the latest hot JavaScript framework.

That’s why we have maintained our own JavaScript tools and slowly improved them over the past 10 years. Bitovi’s OS tools have a unique focus - longevity and stability. We aim to let our apps never need a full rewrite to keep pace with technology.

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The benefit of using a stable platform

Building high performance by default

We’re obsessed with squeezing every last drop of performance out of every web application.

We actively do research on new browser techniques and incorporate our findings into new OS projects. For instance, here are a few of our experiments:

Typical Page
60 ms
120 ms
240 ms
With Bitovi's Performance Optimization

Reducing risk of platform-specific delays

Good application development is really all about risk avoidance.

Most teams choose a tech stack that is mostly a black box to them. Yet every big application runs into roadblocks in which framework issues threaten to completely derail timelines.

Our OS team is like buying an insurance policy on your project’s timeline. We can forsee any roadblocks and advise how to deal or completely avoid them.