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Deploy StackStorm to AWS Using a GitHub Action

March 24, 2023

This blog will explore how you can use GitHub Actions to deploy Stackstorm to AWS in just a few clicks!

Advanced Data Processing with Jinja2 and StackStorm

September 23, 2022

Expand your workflow horizons with some Jinja processing techniques you may not have tried!

DevOps Automation using StackStorm - BitOps Secrets Management

March 3, 2021

In a recent series of blog posts, I drew up how to go from a basic StackStorm installation and pack deployed using Ansible, to moving that entire custom deployment to a one-touch cloud deployment...

DevOps Automation using StackStorm - Cloud Deployment via BitOps

January 25, 2021

Last time, we had refactored our basic one-line install of StackStorm and our custom pack into an Ansible playbook. The Ansible playbook works well enough on its own but still requires us to already...

DevOps Automation using StackStorm - Deploying with Ansible

January 11, 2021

This is the second part in a StackStorm tutorial series: Part 1: DevOps Automation using StackStorm - Getting Started Part 2: DevOps Automation using StackStorm- Deploying with Ansible Part 3: DevOps...

DevOps Automation using StackStorm - Getting Started Guide

December 10, 2020

Event driven DevOps automation is a concept based around listening for desired events and then performing a task in response. There are a wide variety of applications for the event driven 'cause and...