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Live Style Guides for Teams, Powered by DocumentJS

May 14, 2015

A team with both designers and developers needs a simple resource to share a project's styles and best practices. DocumentCSS generates a Live Style Guide so style documentation evolves along with...

Combining Documentation with Prototypes

December 29, 2014

UX designers have long used documentation as a means of communicating functionality and interaction for digital products. It has been successful for a long time and thousands of digital goods have...

The On-Going Benefits of Having a UX Designer

November 20, 2014

This is a follow-up to my previous post on the value of having a user experience designer on every project from the perspective of our own process at Bitovi.

How a UX Designer Saves You Time and Money in Development

November 11, 2014

Make sure you’re building the right user interface before you build it. The old adage, "Measure twice, cut once" applies to digital projects, as well. In this post, I'll explain the value of having a...

The Coffee Shop User Experience Lab

May 24, 2013

In this article I'll explain a simple, fast way to perform user testing, even with no budget or time. A lot of people don't immediately see the value in doing user experience testing, partly because...

Take a Step Back - Simple Tips to Quickly Check a Design for Usability

April 12, 2013

When it comes to creating user interfaces (UIs), user experience designers can get too close to the project and lose sight of basic usability. Sometimes you have to take a step back and obscure your...