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Open Source BitOps: v2.1-2.3 Updates

January 6, 2023

It’s been a while since BitOps v2.0.0 introduced extensibility via plugins and a core platform rewrite with Python. Since then, we’ve been working hard—experimenting and gathering feedback, exploring...

Getting Started with BitOps v2.0: Terraform

September 9, 2022

ICYMI, BitOps v2.0 is here and better than ever! We’ve introduced new features and improvements like support for plugins and a more powerful engine.

Announcing BitOps v2.0

August 26, 2022

Introducing BitOps v2.0! After months of heavy development, BitOps v2.0 is available for download. The new version is a major iteration of the powerful Operations Repository pattern to organize...

Learn DevOps Techniques from Bitovi's Online Meetup

March 3, 2022

This meetup has already happened, but you can still watch the videos! Check out four presentations on DevOps-focused topics.

How to Deploy a HeyEmoji Slack App to AWS using Terraform

September 22, 2021

Last Updated: December 07, 2022 HeyEmoji is a fantastic reward system teams can use to recognize each other's accomplishments, dedication, and hard work. Once you get it set up, you can mention a...

DevOps Automation using StackStorm - BitOps Secrets Management

March 3, 2021

In a recent series of blog posts, I drew up how to go from a basic StackStorm installation and pack deployed using Ansible, to moving that entire custom deployment to a one-touch cloud deployment...

Using Declarative Infrastructure to Deploy an EKS Cluster and Helm Chart

February 1, 2021

We're going to create an operations repo that creates and manages an AWS EKS cluster using Terraform and deploys a Helm chart to the cluster. We'll use BitOps to orchestrate this whole process.

DevOps Automation using StackStorm - Cloud Deployment via BitOps

January 25, 2021

Last time, we had refactored our basic one-line install of StackStorm and our custom pack into an Ansible playbook. The Ansible playbook works well enough on its own but still requires us to already...

Combine Terraform and Ansible to Provision and Configure a Web Server

December 18, 2020

Last Updated: December 01, 2022 Terraform is one of the best tools for provisioning cloud infrastructure, but when working with virtual machines lacks good support for SSH'ing on to the server to...

BitOps + Terraform

December 2, 2020

BitOps works well with different deployment tools and today’s focus is on Terraform. By the end of this you will have used BitOps to create a prod and test AWS VPC.