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BitOps is a Docker image that ensures declarative infrastructure is organized optimally by following an opinionated format - called an Operations Repo.

Why BitOps

BitOps simplifies deployment pipelines by providing pre-installed deployment tools and yaml based configuration to describe your infrastructure and the artifacts deployed onto that infrastructure for multiple environments. 

For more information about what BitOps is and how it works, check out our tutorial series starting with Introducing BitOps.

Supported Tools

terraform   ansible   helm   cloudformation-1    awscli-1
Don’t see your favourite tool? Let us know!

Run BitOps

BitOps is on GitHub and packaged as a Docker image on DockerHub. To run BitOps, an operations repo is mounted to the image. 
docker pull bitovi/bitops
docker run bitovi/bitops -v $(pwd):/opt/bitops_deployment
For more information on configuring and running BitOps, check out the official docs.