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Write Your First Temporal Workflow in TypeScript

May 3, 2022

If you’re looking for a good open-source framework to manage server state, Temporal Typescript SDK is a great one to try. If you’re not familiar with Temporal, here’s an excellent introduction video,...

How to Use AWS Secrets Manager in DevOps

April 29, 2022

When you provision and configure the infrastructure and software that forms an application, you’ll end up with data that needs to be securely stored for later use.  This data can range from the...

GraphQL & Apollo - An Intro For Angular Developers

April 26, 2022

Intro GraphQL is a popular alternative to REST APIs. GraphQL has the potential to simplify and optimize frontend code. In this blog post, we'll demonstrate how to query for data from a GraphQL...

When Should You Build Your Own Angular Design System?

April 21, 2022

When should you start thinking about building a design system? Wade:

How to speed up your Angular builds

April 19, 2022

Slow builds stop developers' productivity cold. If code takes even two minutes to compile, it’s easy to get distracted. You lose your train of thought or, god forbid, open social media.

Module Federation and Angular Service Workers (PWA)

April 15, 2022

Do you use the Module Federation plugin in your Angular project? If your project dynamically consumes large federated code chunks from a remote container, you risk having downtime in your...

The Dark Side of Design

April 13, 2022

Dark Patterns are used on websites, apps, and software. These patterns are intentional – designed to trick users into signing up for a subscription, making a purchase, or spamming their friends and...

RFC: Strictly Typed Reactive Forms Gotchas Every Angular Developer Needs to Know

April 12, 2022

Angular is a robust framework suitable for large codebases and enterprise applications. One significant contributing factor is Angular’s support for TypeScript. Angular is built entirely in...

My Favorite Panels from AxeCon 2022

April 6, 2022

AxeCon is a free digital accessibility conference put on by Deque Systems. I attended AxeCon for the first time in March of 2022, focusing on panels related to web components and design systems. In...

Quick Software Project Estimator

April 4, 2022

Everyone wants to know how much a project will cost before the work begins. Whether you're working as a consultant for a client or pitching a project to a decision maker within your company, it's...