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Expert Node Consulting


Custom Product & Software Development Focused On Your Success.

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We’re so confident that we can be effective and quickly provide value that we'll prove it to you.

Tailor-made features

Your business needs to grow with you and maintain your competitive advantage. Bitovi uses Node.js and other server tech to build some of the world's most depended-on APIs.


Let us help you scale from startup to the world's highest traffic APIs, or anywhere in between.



Our experience means we not only help you scale, but we can reduce your cloud bill at the same time.


Robust, Distributed Transactions

Your APIs work better when we design them to handle failures at every step. If some API was down and a transaction failed, we can make sure it picks up right where it left off.



GraphQL works best when it's federated. Let us show you how to optimize its usage across your platform.



We turn your business logic into designs, schemas, and interfaces, then build features in parallel. Smart systems mean fast time to market.



Don't let tests affect your ability to ship your product, and definitely don't go to market without tests. We will help you with your initial testing strategy, end-to-end testing, and unit tests.


Our clients success speaks volumes

  • Since day one, Bitovi have shown a deep knowledge of their craft and brought forth innovative solutions to our issues as they were presented during development. Throughout the project process, Bitovi team displayed professionalism and consideration, helping ensure we worked together as a team to deliver a beautiful, full-featured application that integrated with our existing systems. Working with Bitovi has been an unforgettable and truly enjoyable experience. Thank you!

    Ludmila Baklanova avatar

    Ludmila Baklanova

    Project Manager, Optimize Tech Consulting

  • Lowes Iris Web Client

    I loved working with Bitovi because they were trustworthy; I knew that I could assign issues to their team and they would be completed quickly and correctly. When there were questions around requirements, they were always good at communicating where we needed more information and clarification. Bitovi made it very easy to hit team deadlines. I hope to work with Bitovi again in the future.

    Pam Alexander avatar

    Pam Alexander

    Project Lead, Lowe's Iris Web Client

  • Working with Bitovi gave us the ability to collaborate, and find the best solutions together.  The top benefits of working with Bitovi included access to other services, DevOps in our case, that our tech team was able to leverage, access to engineers involved in the Angular community allowing our team to stay on top of the latest trends, and flexibility to scale the team up and down as needed.

    Bitovi helped implement complex charts for our new Angular Application, including research and development. This was a first for our Frontend team, and Bitovi did a great job of laying down a foundation we can build upon going forward. 

    There were a number of factors that led to our decision to work with Bitovi.  They include a match between their service offerings and our need for senior Angular experience, a strong online presence, and confidence in their team from the start through our initial communications and meetings.

    Brandon Tulsi avatar

    Brandon Tulsi

    Senior Software Engineer, Ygrene Energy

  • It would not be accurate to say that we were "satisfied" or "happy" with Bitovi. We are THRILLED with the work you've done!

    Bill Kelly avatar

    Bill Kelly

    Director of IT, Military Cars

As Node.js experts we're extremely skilled at:


Node.js Services

We have a track record of building high-profile and amazing web applications. Our software truly shines when we build with tests, full docs and a deployment process in place. We are capable of building projects & features for you, or embedding alongside your team to deliver work while coaching, mentoring, and bringing up the skill level of your current team.

  • GraphQL & REST training
  • Staff Augmentation & Feature delivery
  • Preparing for Serverless
  • Greenfield Node.js Development
  • Node.js Codebase Audits
  • API Architecture Consulting
  • Expert Node.js Consulting
  • Writing Unit & E2E Tests


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