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May 2017 DoneJS Community Update

This post highlights the notable releases, community projects,and technical content released in the DoneJS community in May 2017.

Chasen Le Hara

Chasen Le Hara

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Lots of notable releases, community projects, and technical content were released in the DoneJS community last month! This post outlines some of the highlights from May 2017.

Notable releases

CanJS 3.6 included dozens of bug fixes and enhancements, most notably the addition of set.props.dotNotation(propertyName) to can-set (which is useful when using MongoDB-style nested property query parameters) and delegated mouse/pointer enter & leave events in can-event and can-util.

CanJS 3.7 added can-connect-cloneable, a module for making mutable clones of can-connect’d maps. Changes to the clone save back to the original; likewise, changes to the original propagate to the clone. This is really useful if you want to allow a user to cancel changes that they’ve made to their data before they’ve saved it.

CanJS 3.8 introduced some changes to can-stache-bindings to allow registered can-stache helpers to work as attribute values for events (e.g. (some-event)="registeredHelper"). It also supports spaces in the event binding syntax (e.g. (. some-prop)), which is important to a module we’re working on called can-stache-animate.

Testee 0.5 added the ability to use a .js config file (e.g. testee test.html --config=testee.js), while Testee 0.6 uses native Promises instead of Q's Promise API. Additionally, the Grunt task for Testee is now a separate module (grunt-testee); using the Grunt task directly from Testee is deprecated and the task will be removed in Testee 0.7.

Blog posts, talks & trainings

We published a blog post about three new guides:

Justin Meyer gave a live walk-through of the Playlist Editor guide at DoneJS Chicago last month. Justin and I also recorded a walk-through of this guide which you can find on YouTube:

Justin also hosted a StealJS Workshop at DenverScript, in which he walked attendees through the StealJS Progressive Loading Guide. Check it out to learn how to build a multi-page, progressively loaded site with hot-module swapping with StealJS!

Kevin Phillips presented the Chat Guide at Indy.js. They recorded the presentation, which you can find on YouTube:


In addition to the projects and releases we’ve already mentioned, we’d like to recognize the following contributions from people outside the core team:

What’s next

This month you can see members of the DoneJS core team present at four different events:

We’re also working on the following projects:

These and other issues are being tracked in the CanJS 3.9 and DoneJS 1.NEXT ZenHub epics.

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