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Training Series: Testing Overview

Testing frameworks, tools and approaches are all addressed in this talk. We'll discuss unit testing vs functional testing, how to run and automate tests and tools we use everyday.

Training Series: CanJS Overview

CanJS has grown from humble roots in 2006 to a full featured MV* library. This week we'll discuss high points in CanJS and how it can help you build rich, maintainable applications.

Training Series: A Biased Framework Comparison

This week, well be talking about the strengths and weaknesses of CanJS and StealJS compared to other frameworks like React, Angular, Backbone, EmberJS, and module loaders like RequireJS, Browserify,...

Training Series - StealJS Overview

Matthew Phillips takes us through the need for module loaders, managing dependencies and how StealJS simplifies the process.

Training Series - Web Application Architecture

This week we review how we break down applications to their core architecture. Maintaining state, the MVVM pattern and more will be discussed as we use Trello and TodoMVC as real world examples.

Bitovi Summer Training Retreat 2015

The Bitovi team just finished our annual summer Training Retreat. We all gathered in downtown Chicago for a week with three goals:

Training Series - Web Application Theory

As a preface to the upcoming sessions of how Bitovi delivers applications, we'll dive into the theory of what is needed in a successful project.

Training Series - Building a Tabs Widget

We're bringing all the jQuery knowledge from the past sessions together as we build a custom plugin. Using our own mini-jQuery library, we'll build a custom tabs widget!

Training Series - Events Part 2

We continue where we left of with DOM Events Part 2! We'll outline default actions, event propagation phases, delegation and more as we piece together the basic building blocks for complex...

Training Series - Events Part 1

How events work in the DOM is a two part series we kick off this week! Learn about how DOM events are handled, common misunderstandings and more over the next two sessions.