Building a Real-time, Multi-platform App in 3 Months

Bitovi worked with HaulHound, a logistics technology company, to design and develop a system connecting truckers and shippers. The system we built supports real-time data, an iOS and Android app for...

4 Reasons to Use High Fidelity Designs Early in a UX Process

Most UX processes value low-fidelity design early in a project’s life: simple, hand-drawn sketches, basic wireframes, and even boxy prototypes. It isn’t until later in the process, as the details get...

Help Make Open Source Friendlier

Help Make Open Source Friendlier At Bitovi, we agree with Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby: We want to make programmers happy. If you're like us, you're involved with Open Source because you...

The On-Going Benefits of Having a UX Designer

This is a follow-up on my post from last week on the value of having a user experience designer on every project from the perspective of our own process at Bitovi.

How a UX Designer Saves You Time and Money in Development

In this post, I'll explain the value of having a user experience designer from the perspective of our own process at Bitovi.

Tips on Hiring a jQuery Consultant

Before I share ideas on how to spot an excellent jQuery consultant or developer, a HUGE disclaimer:

Archer / EMC / RSA part 2

Today, we started another 6 month contract for Archer, now EMC / RSA. We're excited to continue our work with them. I can't want until we can let people know what we worked on.

Should You Hire Bitovi for jQuery Consulting?

What an excellent question! But before we get to answering, it's important to know that as a company, we care more about technology than our bottom line. If we're not a good fit, we'll happily point...

Cashnet app

We finished up work for Cashnet this week. We built them a callcenter prototype app in about 6 weeks. In this article, I’ll review the app and how it was built.

Archer and Bitovi Consulting

Today we signed a 6 month deal with Archer Technologies to improve the JS performance of their Smart Suite Framework. This is very exciting. I love the technical challenges working on an application...