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Angular Consulting at Bitovi

February 25, 2021

Psst, hey you! Are you looking for a place to grow your Angular skills by working on interesting projects with fabulous teammates?  At Bitovi we’re expert developer consultants that care about our...

Remote culture, community and communication tips

April 1, 2020

Bitovi has been a remote-only company for ten years. A few of our clients have asked how to foster culture, community and communication in a remote organization.

I’m Going to be WFH Today

March 13, 2020

Tips & Tricks for being a successful remote employee Due to recent events, lots of people are now "Work From Home (WFH)". If you have never worked from home for long periods of time, it can feel a...

Survival Strategies for New Remote Developers

March 11, 2020

There has been a continual drive towards remote work in the tech industry - commutes are awful, interruptions suck, and open office layouts are the actual worst. The remote lifestyle seems glamorous...

The Remote Company Checklist: Strategies for Effective Remote Team Management

March 11, 2020

Working remote sounds glamorous, but it takes more work and discipline than teams may realize. 

13 Things an Angular Consultant Needs to Know to Be Successful

August 9, 2019

For most of my career I've worked at marketing agencies or SaaS startups so moving into the world of consulting was a big shift for me.  I'm a competent developer with 10+ years of JavaScript...

Hello Potential Bitovian

October 5, 2018

Hello potential Bitovian! I'm writing this blog post to organize my thoughts on working at Bitovi. I'm going to attempt to: Answer the most common questions I get during the recruiting process Help...

How Bitovi Used StackStorm to Solve DevOps Automation for an Enterprise Client

June 18, 2018

A Fortune 100 company who needed to ensure millions of users are never without service wanted to streamline their DevOps procedures to solve a myriad of problems most enterprise-level companies face...

Building a Real-time, Multi-platform App in 3 Months

February 14, 2017

Bitovi worked with HaulHound, a logistics technology company, to design and develop a system connecting truckers and shippers. The system we built supports real-time data, an iOS and Android app for...

The On-Going Benefits of Having a UX Designer

November 20, 2014

This is a follow-up to my previous post on the value of having a user experience designer on every project from the perspective of our own process at Bitovi.