Tom Greever

Designing and Testing a Mobile eCommerce Navigation

posted in Design, User Testing on June 19, 2017 by Tom Greever

User testing is a great way to validate assumptions and gain new insights about how people interact with our websites and apps. When it comes to eCommerce (and in particular mobile commerce or “mCommerce”) it’s critical to understand how people find and purchase products online. This was evident on one project where we were tasked with testing the mobile website design for retail membership giant, Sam’s. As it turns out, there are many common navigation patterns that aren’t nearly as effective as people might think.
Ryan Wilson

User Testing from a Tradeshow Booth

posted in Design, User Testing on April 18, 2017 by Ryan Wilson

There is nothing more rewarding than watching people use your app and seeing how they interact with it. User testing is a lot like making dinner for someone; you choose a recipe, ingredients, and invest time making a meal you hope your guests will like. Then you sit down with them and talk about what is good about the meal, what could be improved, and if you’d make it again. At Bitovi, we put a lot of value on testing our designs (and our assumptions!) to be sure we’re building the right thing for our clients and our clients' customers.
Adri De La Cuadra

10 Best Practices for Usability Testing within Agile Teams

posted in Design, User Testing on November 4, 2015 by Adri De La Cuadra

While doing usability test on a project is a no brainer, it can be challenging to make it part of a fast-moving Agile environment. To overcome this challenge here are 10 best practices you can start using today.
Tom Greever

The Coffee Shop User Experience Lab

posted in Design, User Testing on May 24, 2013 by Tom Greever

In this article I'll explain a simple, fast way to perform user testing, even with no budget or time. A lot of people don't immediately see the value in doing user experience testing, partly because it has the perception of being an expensive hassle or just a waste of time. A client recently told me, "We're already behind on this project and need get right to the mock-ups"