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Join Us Thursday December 5th for Bitovi’s Online Meetup

Talks will include “RxJS with React,” “A crash course in shell tooling,” and “Developing NodeJS Apps with Docker-Compose.”

Chasen Le Hara

Chasen Le Hara

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This meetup already happened! You can watch the recordings on YouTube:

Join us on Thursday, December 5th from 9 am – 10:30 am Pacific Time for our next online meetup! We’ll have a handful of short talks on a variety of interesting topics, including…

RxJS with React

RxJS and React go together like chocolate and peanut butter: great individually but they become something incredible when put together. With this delicious combination, RxJS handles the data and React provides the UI. In his talk, Adam L Barrett will show you how to combine RxJS with React!

A crash course in shell tooling

In his talk, Josh Hoff will explain how to use shell tools such as pagers, pipes, scripts, curl, and jq. Ancient tools for the modern age!

Dockerize Your DoneJS Apps

Containerization and microservices can be challenging to coordinate—especially with local development. In his talk, Mick McGrath will show you how to use Docker-Compose to reduce the headache of developing microservices.

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After the talks, we’ll have a group chat to discuss the presentations, talk with the presenters, and put the meet in meetup.

This meetup is free to attend, but you have to register to save your spot!

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And before the meetup, be sure to join our community Slack! After you’ve joined, come say hello in our #introductions channel. We’re excited to chat with you there and see you at our next online meetup!