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Join Us Thursday February 20th for Bitovi’s Online Meetup

Talks will include “Working with React Hooks,” “Quick and Accurate Shell Scripting,” “Publishing Docker Images,” and “Accessible Design for All.”

Mike Mitchel

Mike Mitchel

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This meetup already happened! You can watch the recordings on YouTube:

Join us on Thursday, February 20th from 9 am – 10:30 am Pacific Time for our next online meetup! We’ll have a handful of short talks on a variety of interesting topics, including…

A Guide to React Hooks

Having trouble with hooks? How are they different from lifecycle events? In this talk, Christopher Baker will show hooks are different from previous paradigms, including showing actual use cases where hooks simplify things, and a live example converting from a class component to a functional component with hooks.


Accessible Design - How to be an A11y

Erica Price dispels the myths of accessibility, expanding on the topic of who, why and how we can all benefit from accessible design in our online experiences. Spoiler Alert, it's not just for folks with vision issues. Let's beef up our advocacy skills!


Write predictable bash/sh scripts

Learn the basics of shell scripting and how to catch bugs in your scripts before even running them. Josh Hoff will cover a common linter, the anatomy of a script, and some commonly used tricks to help you write shell scripts more quickly and accurately.

Artifactories and Publishing Docker Images

Your Node/JS app is wrapped in Docker, and you're humming along in local development with Docker Compose. Great! Now what? In this talk, Mick McGrath will discuss how to publish docker images so that they're available outside of your local machine.

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After the talks, we’ll have a group chat to discuss the presentations, talk with the presenters, and put the meet in meetup.

This meetup is free to attend, but you have to register to save your spot!

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And before the meetup, be sure to join our community Slack! After you’ve joined, come say hello in our #introductions channel. We’re excited to chat with you there and see you at our next online meetup!