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November 2018 DoneJS Community Update

Get up to speed with the latest developments in the DoneJS community!

Chasen Le Hara

Chasen Le Hara

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It’s been five months since I last wrote one of these community updates, but not because there haven’t been any updates to give… au contraire, I have a ton of links for you to check out, so let’s dive into it!

CanJS 5

CanJS 5 was released in July! It includes features such as having a tree-shakeable main module, first-class webpack support, simple model mixins for easier can-connect integration, more powerful and easier query logic configuration for can-connect, and more. Read the CanJS 5 blog post for all the details.

Since then, dozens of releases have been made, including:

New CanJS 5 stache syntax

Ahh, the #for(of) and let syntax is a breath of fresh air.

StealJS 2

StealJS 2 was also released in July! It includes best-in-class tree shaking support, native Promises used by default, simplified demo pages, increased dev code removal, and more!

Since then, steal 2.1 was released with support for importing modules from http, https, and // as specifiers:

steal 2.1

Helpful forum posts

Below are some forum posts with tips & tricks you might find helpful!

canjs 5 new routing

Nicer routing from Separating route data from your AppViewModel

Blog posts and videos

In Open Source Theory, Justin Meyer explains the goals of the DoneJS open source efforts and how those efforts are managed. This article kicked off a great discussion in our forums about how we can improve our open source projects. Read the blog post or watch the video!

Justin also published a CanJS Debugging Tutorial article and live stream that walks through some of CanJS’s best debugging tools. You can follow along or sit back and watch the video.

Some other blog posts and videos from around the web:

The Multiple Modals example:

See the Pen CanJS 5.0 - Multiple Modals - Final by Justin Meyer (@justinbmeyer) on CodePen.

Grab bag

But wait, even more links to check out!

See the Pen CanJS 5.0 - Color Picker by Justin Meyer (@justinbmeyer) on CodePen.

Community survey

We run a community survey every six weeks to get a feel for what everyone would like Bitovi’s open source team to prioritize. Sign up here if you haven’t already (the next one comes out this Friday)!

A couple months ago, Justin took a look back on what the team has accomplished based on your votes. It’s been a busy year!

Since our last community update, we’ve shipped:

We’re currently working on the following:

Say hi in person or online

If you’re in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, or Silicon Valley, be sure to RSVP to our meetups in those locations:

Not in those cities? Chat with us on our forums, Gitter, or Twitter!


Last but certainly not least, we’d like to recognize the following people for their contributions to our open source projects:

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