Bitovi's JavaScript consultants are more than just experts; they are leaders and trainers with years of consulting experience. They know the best way to build your application and how to give your team the skills to expand upon it.

Application Architecture

Bitovi's JavaScript experts specialize in solving the complex problems of web applications the right way. Establishing the best foundation allows for faster development and protects you from ever-changing application requirements.

Front-end Development

The code that brings the architectural blueprint of your application to life will be written by a master in the field. Our expert HTML, CSS and JavaScript consultants will build your web application from the ground up.


We have found that educating your team is equally important as perfect architecture and beautiful code. When the time comes for Bitovi to step away, you’ll be left in good hands ... your own.

Let's Work Together

Our clients like us because...

We have a track record of building high-profile and amazing web applications.

Our apps are built with tests, full docs and a deployment process in place.

We created the open source tools powering the applications we build.

We’re fun and really easy to work with!

  • Bitovi worked on a unique dashboard and made the app load over 10 times faster while adding new features and making it more responsive to users.

    — Chad Slaughter, IT Engineering Team at Enova Financial
  • Structured Event Delegation? Development, Test, and Production environments? They even have a build step in their deployment process? Are you sure this is a JavaScript application? I can't wait to work with them again!

    — Donnie Hall, eNova Financial
  • Not only did Bitovi design an easy-to-use application, but they gave us the tools and training we need to do it ourselves.

    — Abdul Anwer, TransPerfect
  • Bitovi's creativity and competence helped us improve the frontend architecture and contributed critical parts of the final coding. JavaScriptMVC made the foundation of the biggest Javascript codebase we ever built.

    — Gaylord Aulke, Zend Technologies
  • Bitovi’s JavascriptMVC framework and expert development resources contributed to the successful implementation and deployment of Mindjet Connect, our robust, cloud-based, work collaboration system.

    — Eric Pearson, Sr Director of Software Engineering , Mindjet
  • Bitovi's ability to iterate designs almost daily gave us a solid picture of the app early on and allowed us move very quickly on the development.

    — Abdul Anwer, TransPerfect

Development Articles

Bianca Gandolfo

How To Use NDJSON Streams with can-connect

posted in Open Source, Development, CanJS on July 18, 2017 by Bianca Gandolfo

In our previous post, we talked about how to improve an app’s performance and user experience by incrementally updating our app’s UI as we received a stream of data from our API. Our example app was built on the Fetch API and can-ndjson-stream to get a ReadableStream of NDJSON and render the stream in our app.
Bianca Gandolfo

Faster Page Loads: How to Use NDJSON to Stream API Responses

posted in Open Source, Development, CanJS on July 12, 2017 by Bianca Gandolfo

Ever wish you could send your data as a stream so that the client can start manipulating it and rendering it as it arrives? Tired of waiting for your entire JSON object to resolve before your users see anything interesting? As you may have seen in my previous article on David Walsh Blog, this is now possible with the Fetch API! Stream responses are supported in Chrome 52 and in development in Firefox and Edge. This quick tutorial will show you how to set up a simple Express API to emit a ReadableStream of NDJSON.
Brian Moschel

How to Hire Better Developers by Learning from Used Car Markets

posted in Development on June 7, 2017 by Brian Moschel

In many ways, hiring software services is similar to buying a used car. In this article, I’ll show how you can use research on used car market economics to improve your ability to hire high quality developers.

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