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April 2017 DoneJS Community Update

This post highlights the notable releases, community projects,and technical content released in the DoneJS community in April 2017.

Chasen Le Hara

Chasen Le Hara

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Lots of notable releases, community projects, and technical content were released in the DoneJS community last month! This post outlines some of the highlights from April 2017.

Notable releases

DoneJS 1.0 has been released! It features CanJS 3.x, StealJS 1.x, and support for adding Electron to your DoneJS app. Check out the announcement for more details. If you already have a DoneJS 0.9 app, the migration guide will walk you through the process of upgrading your app; if you’re new to DoneJS, check out the Quick Start Guide to learn how to build your first DoneJS app!

Steal 1.4 was released with support for using Babel plugins and presets. StealJS uses babel-standalone internally, so to use any of the built-in plugins or presets, you only need to add them to the babelOptions object in your package.json. You can also install any other (non-built-in) plugins or presets with npm and include them in the same configuration!

Steal 1.5 added a new homeAlias configuration option. The ~ character is used to reference your project’s root/home folder; this new config option lets you change it to something else (like @). This new version of Steal also includes a build of steal.js that excludes the Promise polyfill. You can read more about both of these features in the release notes.

Last but not least, Testee 0.4 was released with support for code coverage when using ES6!

Testee ES6 code coverage

Community projects

Ilya Fadeev released two new versions of grid-component! v0.8 brings support for CanJS 3, while v0.9 includes a handy pagination-server mixin to handle server-side pagination based on total, limit, and skip parameters.

Kyle Gifford released can-connect-cloneable, a module for making mutable clones of can-connect’d maps and saving changes back to the original map. It’ll be included in the next version of CanJS (3.7).

Blog posts, talks & trainings

Brian Moschel published a blog post on how to add real-time data to your .NET application. The article introduces two technologies — SignalR on the server and can-connect-signalr on the client — which make setting up real-time connections both simple and quick. Follow along with the article to make a simple chat application that uses both of these libraries.

Kevin Phillips gave a talk on Preparing for the Future of JavaScript, in which he explained how we’re building CanJS to make it easy to continually experiment with new technologies and new paradigms without requiring apps to undergo rewrites. His slides are available as a PDF.



In addition to the projects and releases we’ve already mentioned, we’d like to recognize the following contributions from people outside the core team:

What’s next

Now that DoneJS 1.0 has been released, we’ll be working on a few larger projects. Here are some of the things we’re starting to discuss and work on:

These and other issues are being tracked in the CanJS 3.7 and DoneJS 1.1 ZenHub epics.

You can keep up with the latest in the community by following us on Twitter or joining us on our forums or Gitter chat!