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Learn DevOps Techniques from Bitovi's Online Meetup

Watch these DevOps Videos: BitOps Simplifies Infra & App Deployments, Only Doctor Who Has a Sonic Screwdriver, Deploying HeyEmoji Using BitOps, and Maybe You Don't Need Kubernetes

Andrew Coleburn

Andrew Coleburn

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This meetup has already happened, but you can still watch the videos! Check out four presentations on DevOps-focused topics. 

See all videos here or scroll down for more information on each video.

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Only Doctor Who Has a Sonic Screwdriver

Evaluating tools for your organization can seem like endless toil especially when there is no "tool to rule them all" even for one area. Navigating an ever-expanding list of companies offering solutions - promising to solve all your problems, small teams, and tight budgets can be overwhelming. Ryan GoodManager of Site Reliability at Yum! Brands, teaches you how to cut through the fluff and get to the real value a particular tool can bring to your organization. Watch the video.

BitOps Simplifies Infra & App Deployments

BitOps is an open source deployment tool that allows you to describe your infrastructure and applications deployed onto that infrastructure for multiple environments in a single place.  It wraps deployment tools like Terraform, Helm, and Ansible, and it supports any CLI tool. Mick McGrath talks about how to clean up deployment configurations and how BitOps can read that configuration to deploy all of your environments. Watch the video.

Deploying HeyEmoji Using BitOps

HeyEmoji is a fantastic reward system teams can use to recognize each other's accomplishments, dedication, and hard work on Slack. Phillyp Henning walks you through how to deploy the HeyEmoji Slack app to AWS using Terraform+Ansible so your team can enjoy Slack-generated kudos. Watch the video.

Maybe You Don't Need Kubernetes

Kubernetes is the hottest hosting solution since it hit the scene in 2014. Connor Graham will go over why Kubernetes is awesome, why it is not, and look at some great alternatives for hosting your assets. Watch the video.

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