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December 2016 DoneJS Community Update

Chasen Le Hara

This post highlights the notable releases, community projects, and technical content released in the DoneJS community last month.

posted in Open Source on January 5, 2017 by Chasen Le Hara

December 2016 DoneJS Community Update

Chasen Le Hara by Chasen Le Hara

Lots of notable releases, community projects, and technical content were released in the DoneJS community last month! This post outlines some of the highlights from December 2016.

Notable releases

Right at the start of the month, we released the new CanJS site. It features a brand new design with lots of new documentation, technical guides, and more!

Later in the month, we announced the release of CanJS 3 and StealJS 1! Check out those blog posts for more info about both projects.

CanJS homepage.jpg

Community projects

The following projects were released by various members in our community.

donejs-typeahead by nriesco is a nifty module that makes it easy to get autocomplete suggestions from a remote server.

eslint-plugin-done-component by imjoshdean is an ESLint plugin that extracts and lints JavaScript in DoneJS’s *.component files.

steal-typescript by phillipskevin makes it easy to load TypeScript modules with StealJS—without requiring a build.

canexpressive by cherifGsoul combines CanJS with Zend Expressive.

marshallswain released a couple modules:

roemhildtg has been publishing a few modules:

Blog posts, talks & trainings

We published a blog post on How to Upgrade a DoneJS Plugin to CanJS 3 and hosted a training on it too! If you’re migrating a project from CanJS 2.3 to 3, you’ll enjoy the improved Migration Guide; shout out to Curtis for providing notes from a migration he worked on.

We also hosted a training on how to use can-connect and can-set for real-time functionality.

m-mujica talked about StealJS at JavaScript Chile’s monthly meeting.

James Chesters wrote an article about the CanJS 3 release and how we broke CanJS up into smaller modules.

Manuel talking.jpg

What’s next

The core team is focused on the DoneJS 1.0 release, which will include CanJS 3 and StealJS 1.

We’ll be hosting a few local meetups:

Additionally, Adam Barrett will hosting a StealJS Walkthrough for Forward Web Summit on January 31st.

Keep up with the latest in the community by following us on Twitter or joining us on our forums or Gitter chat!

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