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The Best Product and UX Design Online Resources

Michel Velis

To save you hours of scrolling through search results, we’ve curated a list of the very best UX and Product blogs and resources out there right now.

posted in UI, product design, design resources, product manager, design trends, product trends on June 3, 2022 by Michel Velis

The Best Product and UX Design Online Resources

Michel Velis by Michel Velis

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The world of user experience and the product is always evolving which is why it’s essential to stay up-to-date on the latest conversations happening in the industry. No matter what phase you are at in your UX and Product journey, the web is full of free resources for UX Design and Product Management. The accuracy of content out there can be a bit confusing. With so many choices, how do you know which content, authors, and sites are worth discovering?

Since you’ve already found your way here to the Bitovi blog, you’re off to a great start! To save you hours of scrolling through search results, we’ve curated a list of the very best UX and Product blogs and resources out there right now. Here is our list:


Silicon Valley Product Group

Marty Cagan, the company's founder, has worked as a product executive for companies such as Netscape, HP, and eBay. His articles on product management cover all aspects of the subject, including product team structure, vision and strategy, roadmaps, product roles, and prototypes.

Why we love it: Even by being relative new, they have great positive reviews around the web and specially in social media. Most of the users have the same feedback that their biggest ben­e­fit of this work­shop was walk­ing away with a much-im­proved struc­ture for think­ing about prod­uct man­age­ment in the­ory and prac­tice.




You can discover articles on road mapping and product strategy and management. One of the most popular subjects is using the NPS score to influence your product roadmap.

Why we love it: Their content carries real value written by product professional about different aspects of Product Management. I don't feel like ProductPlan wastes my time-either in its marketing-and I'm extremely sensitive to such things.



Product News

Get the latest handpicked top product news and insights sent right to your inbox to help you build products and services customers love. 

Why we love it: They carry real value with articles written by product professional about different aspects of Product Management. I don't feel like ProductPlan wastes my time-either in its marketing-and I'm extremely sensitive to such things.



UX Planet

UX Planet offers resources for everything associated with UX/Product, offering articles on everything from getting started to leading a team. What we love about UX Planet is that it has a diverse range of authors who have different backgrounds. Not only will you find the usual how-to-guides, but you’ll also find advice, inspiration, and real conversations about what it means to work in UX and Product.

Why we love it: UX Planet is eye-catching with its unconventional ideas. The articles are written in a basic and straighfiward way, and the language is simple and welcoming so you can learn new things without the burden of learning ne words or technical phrases. Additionally what we love the most is that numerous UX professionals share their ideas on the platform constantly. 


UX Collective

The UX Collective is the largest design publication on Medium. They aim to cut through the confusion by collecting the most vital UX information and providing it to the community in a more organized and consumable presentation. You can also sign up for the UX Collective newsletter to get insights into the UX industry.

Why we love it: The platform is a great asset for designers who want to think about what they create as much as they want to make a change and ways to apply them in the real world. If you looking for the one stop shop this is it, look no further. They offer career advice, portfolio tips, and general tricks to assist you on your journey to become a better UX designer. 



Product Bytes

Rich Mironov is a former product executive for iPass, Wayfarer, and AirMagnet who now writes, speaks and consults on product strategy and management.



Roman Pichler is a product management expert specializing in digital specializing in product leadership. Roman knows his area of expertise, particularly when he debates about collaboration with development teams and scaling the Product Owner role. He writes about management, agile, user stories, product vision and strategy, product backlog, product roadmap, and responsibilities.


The Product Coalition

This blog is about product management, product design, product, development, and how Product Managers deliver value by understanding the major product changes.



MindTheProduct is the largest international community of product managers, designers, and developers.


The Product Podcast

The Product Podcast has over 300 episodes. It features various product managers from top companies. Regardless of your role as a designer, product manager, or entrepreneur, The Product Podcast offers an exceptional look into the best practices of product management.

Why we love it: The speakers on this podcast deliver some of the most actionable and meaningful content in product management, highlighting the greatest tools, methods, and emerging trends. If you want to grow both personally and professionally, We highly recommend listening to and subscribing to The Product Podcast.


Product Hunt Radio

The Product Hunt Radio is a weekly podcast that dives into trend predictions with some of the most well-known individuals in the industry. The podcast is very engaging because it focuses on each aspect of product management.


Product Crunch

Product Crunch is a platform for all those interested in Project Management and Product Design.

Why we love it: Product Crunch is toilered for PMs, designers, and engineers interested in Product Design. What we like the most is the the episodes they host about the most prominent designers in the industry, and if you are looking for quality they offer valuable insights into Product Design.


Bitovi Community

A community for Designers, PMs, and Developers to discuss UX and product, give advice to others and keep in touch with other designers. Join Today!


In this article, we’ve covered a curated list of UX blogs, product news outlets, podcasts, and YouTube channels out there. Whether you’re just beginning your career, have been employed in the field for a period of time, or are simply curious about trends in the industry, blogs, podcasts, and vlogs are an easy way to develop knowledge and stay up-to-date.

We hope you find these resources helpful, and we will try to keep this list updated as we find new and interesting content. If we missed some product blogs that you believe should be here, please feel free to mention them!

Thank you and have fun discovering!


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