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Join Us Thursday July 25th for Bitovi’s Online Meetup

Talks will include “Memoization for Fun and Performance,” “Git Workflows & Their Tradeoffs,” and “Managing Sessions with can-connect.”

Chasen Le Hara

Chasen Le Hara

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This meetup already happened! You can watch the recordings on YouTube:

Join us on Thursday, July 25th from 9 am – 10:30 am Pacific Time for our next online meetup! We’ll have a handful of short talks on a variety of interesting topics, including…

Memoization for Fun and Profit Performance

Continuing our series of talks on React Hooks, Christopher Baker will give us a brief overview of optimizing React performance with the useMemo and useCallback hooks.

Git Workflows & Their Tradeoffs

Managing large projects well with git can be difficult. How do popular projects do it? Josh Hoff will compare and contrast some popular approaches and their tradeoffs so you can pick and choose what works best for your team.

Managing Sessions with can-connect

Managing a user session lifecycle can be complicated. Deciding when to start a session, checking if a session is ongoing, accessing the metadata of the session, cases like these take consideration to do right. Nils Lundquist will introduce us to a new can-connect behavior, can/session, that simplifies these scenarios and more.

What I Did on My SummerVacationG

SVGs are awesome, but sometimes they can be difficult, like controlling internal styles or making them look great cross-browser. Ryan Wilson recently ran into both of these problems and will share with us what he’s learned about wrangling SVGs.

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After the talks, we’ll have a group chat to discuss the presentations, talk with the presenters, and put the meet in meetup.

This meetup is free to attend, but you have to register to save your spot!

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And before the meetup, be sure to join our community Slack! After you’ve joined, come say hello in our #introductions channel. We’re excited to chat with you there and see you at our next online meetup!