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Valuing your user benefits you.

Good UX is good business.

The best UX design drives your customers or stakeholders where you want them to go while adding value to their lives. When used effectively, user experience design:

  • Helps differentiate your product and increase audience interaction
  • Helps businesses increase customer retention, adoption rates, word-of-mouth awareness and conversion rates
  • Helps your internal team members boost productivity among internal employees, contractors and other stakeholders
  • Helps your customers quickly find what they need, share experiences they enjoy and improve their day-to-day life
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Progression of UX process: pencil sketches, grayscale wireframes, and color mockups

Good UX starts early.

When planning a product, UX consulting should be a priority from the start. This ensures that your user is the primary focus in requirements building instead of retrofitting your design later due to delayed user testing.

Integrating UX early also reduces development costs by giving us a better understanding of the product roadmap and necessary features. In other words, we’ll know how things need to be built (and can demo it as a prototype) before a single line of code is written—saving you time and money.

  • Better UX Design could yield conversion rates up to 400%
  • UX increases Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by 83%
  • 33% reduced development time spent building the right features
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Create a digital product that's as helpful as it is beautiful. 

Good-looking products improve a consumer’s opinion of your brand. UX and visual design go hand-in-hand. That is why we focus on building usable apps and making them look visually appealing.

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Working with Bitovi led to great results. We were able to collaborate with a UX expert who was not familiar with our technical domain and as a result was able to present great ideas, fresh perspective, and a new way of looking at things.

— Shmulik Nehama, Senior Product Line Manager, Extreme Networks
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