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Yoga class held via video conference on the Pose Yoga Studio application

*This case study discusses a product bound to an NDA. The original concept and brand name have been obfuscated to be shared publicly.

The overview.

A playlist of Pose yoga videosPose offers a low-cost, browser-based platform to stream and record yoga classes straight to the cloud for viewing/sharing. This helps yogis teach, enhance performance and easily execute real-time consultations in a real-world setting—from anywhere in the world.

The solution.

After running ideation workshops, we came up with solutions to make the tool useful and non-intrusive during classes. We then conducted user testing to refine the experience and ensure people on both sides could easily navigate and use the product.

The value.

We created software that allowed yoga teachers to teach students from anywhere in the world. Meanwhile, the yogi in the studio can interact with the students and even switch camera views with a custom-designed foot switch. This software has been widely adopted and aided in successful outcomes. We couldn’t be more proud of what we accomplished with this tool.

User flow diagram showing how admins and other users interact with the site
We start every project by coming to a complete understanding of what needs to be built
A grayscale wireframe for a playlist page
We start concepts with wireframes, which in this case, were then tested as click-through prototypes
A recent class page on Pose yoga
Based on brand guidelines, we moved from grayscale wireframes to low- and then to high-fidelity mockups
Search page can filter classes by date, instructor, or yoga type
In the case of Pose, there was no existing brand documentation, so we helped create a logo, define a color scheme, and recommended microinteractions
Top of the search page for Pose yoga site
Through ideation, iteration, and testing we were able to hand off our documentation and recommendations to our development team to build

We've been working with Bitovi for the past few years to build our application and add new features. I have seen the value of working with Bitovi's user experience team and trust their process and recommendations. It was very helpful to explain what I wanted to create and just a few hours later be presented with user flows and mockups that identified big questions that I had not considered. Bitovi has always been great with walking me through their process, and I believe that has helped to make my application better. I trust Bitovi with my project and would recommend them to anyone interested in building an application.

— , Company Founder
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