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Mobile and desktop screens from an NRE Labs course, Introduction to YAML, parts 1 and 2

The overview.

NRE Labs home page

NRE Labs is an open-source education project focused on making network automation and the emerging discipline of network reliability engineering (NRE) accessible to everyone. 

The solution.

Throughout our discovery phase, we met with NRE Lab’s users to capture pain points and uncover what they wanted from the experience. We used these insights to devise an actionable project plan to rectify issues before developing initial concepts using a newly implemented style guide.

The value.

We helped NRE Labs create a product that benefitted two different audiences who wanted the same thing: an improved educational experience. The students of NRE Labs got a more intuitive learning experience, helping them concentrate on coursework instead of the user interface. The educators got an easy-to-edit site that allowed them to focus on curriculums instead of uploads.

Usability Design Review document
We start each project by understanding what information exists
An excerpt from the Usability Design Review document recommending an application layer and a content layer
Through understanding, we can begin to make informed recommendations
Part 1 of the Introduction to YAML online class
We create wireframes and then move through low- to high-fidelity mockups
Part 2 of the Introduction to YAML online class
Through our UX process, we ideate and iterate through ideas until we find a solution
Mobile view for Part 2 of the Introduction to YAML online class
Each concept can be made into a testable prototype to engage with users
Exit lesson alert dialog screen
Our recommendations for your product can then be built by our outstanding development team
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