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 iPhone with HaulHound mobile app showing truckload availability between Chicago and Miami

The overview.

HaulHound search engine results comparing a cheaper and a more expensive trucking companyHaulHound’s innovative logistics search engine provides an open network anyone can tap into. They offer a stage and greater visibility for owner-operators of trucking and shipping companies. The brand creates possibilities for small and large fleets to both manage their day-to-day in real-time and predict their upcoming jobs.

The solution.

Each design sprint was a deliberate process of iterating on one particular use case of the app. From hand-drawn sketches to fully-interactive prototypes, we kept experimenting, making changes and moving on to the next step. In the end, we created something that accomplished HaulHound’s business objectives while making work easier for truckers and shippers.

The value.

In just three months of working through our UX design process, HaulHound had a working product live in the app store. Not only could their investors see it, but truckers and shippers were signing up to use it.

LoxHub logistics concept design on an iPhone mockup
We began with concept design to help with investor meetings
A user flow diagram showing how a shipper would find available trucks
We worked through refining a complicated process and documented an easy-to-follow use flow that provided clarity
Ryan from Bitovi conducting user research testing on-site at a trucking trade show
We repeatedly met with users to get feedback to improve the product
Two smartphones show login and trip details screens for the HaulHound mobile app
In three months time, we went from concept to app store

I've never had such a positive experience. Not just the results, but the process as well. We connected on a deeper level than just vendor and contractor.

— Andy Kim, President, HaulHound
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