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Brodart Bibz home page with book recommendations

The overview.

Brodart Bibz home page with book recommendationsBrodart Bibz is an online ordering and collection development tool for libraries. It gives users the ability to search, select and share lists while building libraries’ collections. While the company has a history in the library industry dating back to 1939, Brodart knew they needed to update their Bibz application to better serve customers—but wasn’t sure where to start. They were also hesitant to change, since many of their customers had used the current product for decades.

The solution.

Over the course of six weeks, our team conducted user interviews and observations to develop a product strategy before building and testing a proposed solution design. Using the insights gleaned from these studies, a visual style guide and high-fidelity screen designs were created. This process guided the design direction to ease the transition from a product customers knew to a product that customers found much more intuitive and helpful.

The value.

By engaging in our Discovery and UI Design process, Brodart eliminated client uncertainty and created a clear path forward for improved visual design and user experience. We then facilitated a smooth hand-off to their team to ensure the product went into development with a clear understanding of design, functionality and user needs.

User flow diagram comparing the paths through the site taken by a librarian at a main vs satellite branch
We started by creating user flows to visually represent the path the user can follow to achieve a goal
Pencil concept sketches of site pages
We then defined a high-level understanding of the app in sketch form
Grayscale mockups of site pages created for user testing
We iterated on wireframes to define the layout and content and performed usability testing to get user validation
Full-color mockup of the Bibz home page
We took our wireframes and worked from low- to high-fidelity mockups for vetting with the client and testing with users
Bibz search page showing interaction with the Add to Active Cart button
We defined states for interactions to start documentation for the development team to work from
A detail page for a recommended book
We presented final recommendations for our user-validated high-fidelity solutions

The Bitovi UX team was an exceptional partner to work with on improving our Bibz application. Throughout the engagement, the UX team communicated with us frequently and always explained their process clearly. Their dedication to understanding our product and our users was impressive. It was great to see and hear users engaging with both the current product and the proposed design. We were extremely happy with what was delivered and based on the feedback we received, our customers are excited about the new Bibz application too!

— John Sommers, System Integration Analyst, Brodart Bibz
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