Specific Goals page

Learn how to establish clear goals that are well understood by your team.

What is the Goal?

The primary goal of a technology consultant is to add value to your client.

The primary goal of your client should be to add value to their customers. Which is why the next lesson is on prioritization techniques and methodologies that must also be designed to add value to customers.

But before that can be accomplished, a consultant’s first step in managing a project is to establish clear goals that are well understood by everyone throughout the organization. When everyone understands the goals of the product or company, they are more likely to make decisions, large or small, that contribute effectively to the product or company.

These goals are usually encapsulated by the:

  • Mission statement
  • Performance Indicators
  • Strategy statement

Mission Statement

A Mission Statement is a single sentence that describes what the project aspires to be. It should include a description of how value is added to customers.

Write the product or company’s Mission Statement here:


  • "Perfecting technology delivery for our clients and our community." (Bitovi)
  • "Build CRUD apps in fewer lines of code". (CanJS)

Performance Indicators

A performance indicator (PI) is a quantitative measurement that indicates the project has been successful. Key performance indicators (KPIs) tend to be those that most affect the bottom line directly. Often, it can be worth having additional performance indicators that, if accomplished, strongly suggest the key performance indicators will be achieved.

Write at least one Key Performance Indicator and one Performance Indicator here:


  • KPI: Increase mobile conversion rates to 0.75-1.0%, currently it is ~0.3%.

    PI: UX study shows 100% purchase completion.

    PI: Site loads under 1s on 3G.

Strategy Statement

A strategy statement outlines how you will achieve the project’s goals (performance indicators). It should describe the competitive advantage the project is looking to create.

Write an example strategy statement here:


  • Combine the desktop and mobile sites for an improved user experience, site parity, and centralized ownership.

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