Learn Technology Consulting page

Learn how to perform technology consulting.


This guide goes through Bitovi's process for performing technology consulting. This guide is for:

  • Bitovi consultants to know how to manage each part of an application's lifecycle.
  • Bitovi clients looking to understand how we operate.
  • Bitovi community members wanting to learn technology consulting.

At it's core, this course walks through the 5 most important steps in creating successful products:

  1. Outcome Focused Effort - Aligning your team to value outcome more than effort.
  2. Specific Goals - Establishing clear, measurable goals that are well understood by your team.
  3. Informed Prioritization - Using qualitative and quantitative data to prioritize what should be built.
  4. Efficient Development - Developing quickly and sustainably.
  5. Effective Communication - Communicating precisely while being easily consumable.

This course also includes other trainings important for consulting: