Learn Technology Consulting page

Learn how to move beyond writing code to be an excellent technology consultant!


This guide goes through Bitovi’s process for performing technology consulting. This guide is for:

  • Bitovi consultants to know how to manage each part of an application’s lifecycle.
  • Bitovi clients looking to understand how we operate.
  • Bitovi community members wanting to learn technology consulting.

The 5 core concepts for effective technology consulting are the most important steps to create successful products:

  1. Outcome Focused Effort - Align your team to value outcome more than effort.
  2. Specific Goals - Establish clear, measurable goals that are well understood by your team.
  3. Informed Prioritization - Use qualitative and quantitative data to prioritize what should be built.
  4. Efficient Development - Develop both quickly and sustainably.
  5. Effective Communication - Communicate precisely while being easily consumable.

Additional skills important for consulting are included after the core curriculum:

Next steps

✏️ Head over to the first lesson to learn how to prioritize your effort.