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Your product’s experience – designed rightfaster.

Bitovi’s UX team identifies what works best for your product and your users faster. Through experience, user-centered process, and tooling, we find and fix issues quickly. Our approach and talented UX team lowers risk, provides requirements, and reduces uncertainty, so when you begin to build your product, you know you are making the right thing for your market and your users.

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Top brands trust our process

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Why Choose Us?

Team + Process + Tools = quick and accurate results.

Our clients appreciate how quickly and thoroughly our team members start to understand their products and users. To do this, we follow our tried and tested UX process of researching, talking to users, understanding requirements, and making decisions. The tools we use allow us to ideate and iterate on wireframes quickly, build prototypes, test with users, get rapid feedback, and refine our recommendations for your product, all in a short amount of time. Using these resources allows us to user test multiple times within a sprint, allowing us to find the “right” path for your product more swiftly, giving us confidence, conviction, and certainty in our product recommendations.

Example of a sketched whiteboard concept
Example of a wireframe concept
Example of a low-fidelity mockup
Example of a high-fidelity mockup

We’re proud of who we work with.

Major brands (and startups) trust us to tackle their product design, whether they go through our entire process or need help with a specific part of their project. We’ve helped clients across many industries.

We have experience working in the following industries:

  • eCommerce

  • Technology

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

  • Logistics

  • Retail

  • Restaurants 

  • Finance

  • Education

How we do what we do.

Take a quick look at our process.

Our tried-and-true methodology ensures we truly understand you, your offerings/software, your goals and your audience’s needs. This maximizes your investment by helping us efficiently create the right product for your users’ needs.



We’ll collaborate with you and your users to conduct research, define high-level requirements, outline goals and ensure we understand your audience instead of operating on assumptions.


Concept refinement

Once we know what needs to be accomplished, we figure out how to make it happen. We’ll balance your wants with user needs to define tasks, stories and actions—all while testing concepts to ensure they’re effective.


User interface design

We’ll translate our UX thinking and product requirements into visual assets to refine the interfaces (UI) your users will interact within the real world.


Product support

We’ll work with the development team to translate your design into the usable product we envisioned throughout previous phases to test, refine and launch.


Product review

Once your baby is out in the world, we’ll use analytics to highlight successes and uncover shortfalls. This is the perfect time to think about next steps and future features.

Only as good as our people.

And we’re really good.

We only hire experienced, senior-level talent to work as an extension of your team. All of our team members have five+ years of experience, are trained in the field of product design and specialize in Software as a Service (SaaS). 

Need to add a subject matter expert, like a visual designer or accessibility consultant (a11y)? It doesn’t mean you’ll add hours. We simply rotate in a new expert that meets your needs without blowing your budget.

Meet our team
UX Team members on a Zoom call: Paul, Erica, Luca, Dunbar, Ryan, Hanna, Stephanie, Michel, and Erica’s dog, Ava
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