Getting Started page

Checkout the course repository and get setup for upcoming lessons!

Git Repository

For the sake of convenience, we've prepared a git repository for you to checkout as a starting point for the upcoming exercises. Each page in this training will contain a link to branches representing the starting point and solution for that section along with a link to a diff showing changes made.

Setting up your Project

First, clone the angular-ngrx-chat repo using the git CLI by running the following in your terminal:

git clone

Next, cd into the repo directory and checkout the starting-point branch.

cd angular-ngrx-chat
git checkout starting-point

Make sure to use the expected node/npm versions.

node -v # v14.20.0
npm -v # 6.14.13

If you have the wrong versions, we suggest using nvm (for mac) or volta (for windows) for node version management.

Next install the project's node dependencies using npm install.

You now have the project starting point checked out, which includes:

  1. An Angular 14 application

  2. ESLint and the @bitovi/eslint-config package

  3. Karma + Jasmine

  4. Login and Dashboard UI Components

  5. TODO's for needed functionality