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A common problem we've seen is that organizations want to leverage React but aren't equipped with the experience and skills needed. Bitovi's experienced React consultants help fill that gap.

Being Proactive about the Risks of React

Navigating the wide React ecosystem is complex and fraught with pitfalls. Based on dozens of conversations with teams that struggled to use React, here are 3 lessons to keep in mind:


1. Trusted Developers

Devs cannot be dropped into React without any prior training or experience. React has specific nuances and ways of thinking that don't translate to other JavaScript frameworks, such as Angular. It's a mistake to just switch to React without a plan for training or bringing in experienced help to guide the process.


2. Loyal Partnerships

React isn't always the right tool for the job. Depending on many factors, including the complexity of what you're trying to build, your team's skill and experience, and what you've already built, React may be either overkill or insufficient. Most vendors won't tell you this! Make sure that you're working with a partner who will evaluate the best tool for the job, not hard sell React because it's all they know.


3. Dependable Experience

React is fantastic, but it's not a magic pill. You can't expect to give React to inexperienced, untrained devs and receive a highly functional, well-designed application. React requires a long term mentality. A smart team will invest up front, in training, guidance, and building out a solid infrastructure, which will make future development stress-free and efficient.


Bitovi redesigned and re-implemented their application in React

Our team collaborated with Freeosk to completely redesign and re-implement their application in React to better fit their business needs. Along with redeveloping the majority of their backend, our development services gave them greater flexibility to develop the experiences they wanted for their clients.

  • Problem? Existing application wasn't flexible enough to meet their business needs. 
  • Why React? We were able to use existing finite state machine libraries to help them quickly build programs.
  • Why Bitovi? We were willing to do a short discovery engagement for a project with a lot of unknowns. This allowed them to more accurately plan for the larger engagement.
  • Results?
    • Complete redesign and re-implement their application in React to better fit their business needs.
    • Greater flexibility to develop the experiences they wanted for their clients.
    • Identified an additional need (backend integration) that client couldn't fill, and we stepped up and did the work. This included working with hardware and technology we weren't familiar with.
    • Trained a new developer to work on the app going forward.


Angular to React Conversion

StackStorm helps its customers automate their DevOps, but their user interface was limited by an old version of Angular. Together with their users, our UX and development teams reimagined the interface, maintaining consistency in user experience and modularizing the system for future expansion.

  • Problem? The existing User Interface was limited by an old version of Angular. It was difficult to add new features, and there was no easy path to upgrade.
  • Why React? As an OS project, Stackstorm wanted to make it easier for the community to contribute going forward.
  • Why Bitovi? We started by doing UX work for them and they loved the results. When it came time to develop the new UX, StackStorm asked us to add extra capacity to their existing team.
  • Results?
    • Reimagined the interface, maintaining consistency in user experience for easier customer onboarding.
    • Modularized the system for future expansion, saving time for developers moving forward.


Full Project Architecture

QuikOrder processes online orders for numerous pizza companies, but their reporting systems were antiquated. Bitovi helped build out a new reporting platform that produces real-time charts and graphs to help them make critical business decisions.

  • Problem? Antiquated reporting system, didn't work in real time, wasn't easy to quickly add new or custom reports.
  • Why React? The existing app was already done in React because of developer familiarity and wide ecosystem.
  • Why Bitovi? We'd helped them with Node.js backend work. The team was impressed and knew we did frontend JavaScript as well, so they asked us to help with their React application.
  • Results?
    • Built out reporting system that provides real time charts and graphs to help them make critical business decisions.
    • Made system more extensible, so new reports could be added quickly.

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