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Expert React Consulting


Custom product and software development focused on your success.

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We’re so confident that we can quickly provide value that we'll prove it to you.

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You need a collaborative team to help you build tailor-made software. With our validation-driven approach, we are the partner you need.

React Training

Has your team recently moved to React? Does your team need to ramp up on the latest React features like hooks and functional components? Get started with our self directed training or accelerate your learning by bringing in one of our experts.


Unique Open-Source Solutions

When your complex problem requires a solution beyond the basics, Bitovi's React team is the answer. From state-of-the-art dev-ops solutions like BitOps to integrating React into places it was never meant to go with web components.


Quality & Consistency First

From unit testing with Jest & RTL to fully rendered visual regression testing, we have experience integrating full testing solutions into your pipeline without creating roadblocks.


As React experts we're skilled with:

Get the React expertise you need today!


You’re building an app to achieve specific goals.

Of course it’s important that the app itself has a rich user experience, fast responsiveness, and code maintainability. But that’s table stakes.

At the end of the day, the reason you started this project was to help your company earn more money, get better customer reviews, or otherwise make an impact on your success.

We’re here not only to build you an exceptional React app, but to make sure those ultimate goals are achieved.

Want to see what that big-picture perspective looks like in action?

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React Services

When you work with Bitovi, you get a collaborative team dedicated to a validation-driven approach to swift delivery.


You can adapt Bitovi's expertise to your needs. We are capable of completing a full end-to-end build to your specifications, embedding alongside your team to mentor and teach best practices, or any combination to ensure your project's success.

  • React & TypeScript training
  • Staff Augmentation & Feature delivery
  • Upgrading React applications with Hooks and Functional components
  • Greenfield React Development
  • Codebase Audits
  • React Architecture Consulting
  • Implementing Maintainable State Management Patterns
  • Writing Unit & E2E Tests


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