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Quality Engineering Consulting

Say goodbye to bug-ridden releases and flaky tests with help from our test automation experts.

What are the benefits of quality engineering?

Quality engineering catches small problems in your product before they become enormous problems later in the development cycle. While every team tries to build a solid foundation for their product, it takes a quality engineering expert to know what practices are likely to result in bugs later on in the build.


When you work with our quality engineering consultants, we help you create a strategy for quality engineering specific to your team and your product, so that we can catch performance, usability, and security issues early on. The result? Less time spent resolving problems, a happier, more focused development team, and a reliable product. 

Why Bitovi?

Bitovi works collaboratively alongside your team to build an approach that fits your product and their process.

  • Shift Left

    Testing often isn't implemented until the middle of your product build, and that's far too late. Our experts shift your testing left, ensuring maximum test coverage and quality. 
  • Large Scale? No Problem.

    One of the biggest concerns for enterprise-level applications is being able to scale smoothly. Our experts have experience building quality assurance into global enterprise applications that serve millions of users. 
  • Access Strategic Partnerships

    Bitovi is highly respected as an expert consultant in product delivery. We've built strategic partnerships with top-tier testing tools, like Cypress. Through those partnerships, you'll gain improved agility in your overall business processes.

At a glance

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We look at your product and your team's processes to analyze the quality control practices you need to incorporate for best results.

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We work alongside your team to educate them on best practices and integrate them with your overall software development lifecycle.

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Testing is critical for quality assurance. Before calling it a job well done, we double-check that the process is successfully delivering quality control.

Quality engineering services

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    Test automation strategy

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    Environment setup and configuration

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    Automated UI testing

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    Data management testing

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    CI/CD pipeline implementation

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    API testing

What does the process look like?

Your process will be specific to your team and your build, but broadly speaking, you can expect our quality engineering to include: 

  • Quality control integration. We'll work with your team to implement quality control and code review directly into your build process. 
  • More test coverage. Testing early and often is a critical part of ensuring quality. You'll have more test checkpoints early on, and fewer recovery needs later in the build. 
  • High-quality test processes. Our experts are up-to-date on best practices for testing in usability, performance, security, and more. 
  • Test automation. While testing is critical, it shouldn't be onerous. We automate testing wherever possible to ensure your build proceeds swiftly. 
  • Monitoring and improvement. Every process has to be tested - and tested again - to ensure we've covered everything. We iterate and improve until your new quality assurance process is working smoothly. 

Denison Luz
Director of Quality Engineering

Free quality engineering assessment

Do your practices need help? With this free assessment, our experts review your process and lay out exactly where and how there's room to improve.

Connect with our QE experts

Our consultants will learn about your goals AND pain points, and help you find an architectural approach that makes sense, be it implementing Micro Frontend architecture with Module Federation or simply rearchitecting your Angular code to better meet the needs of your users.